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Desperation Road

READ ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Å Michael Farris Smith READ × Desperation Road Dans les paysages désolés de la campagne américaine un meurtre va réunir ces âmes perdues dont les vies vont bientôt ne plus tenir u'à un fil Michael Farris Smith possède un style et un talent d'évocation totalement singuliers ui vont droit au cœur du lecteur Avec ces personnages ui s'accrochent à la vie envers et contre tout il nous offre un magnifiue roman sur la condition humain. 5 starsWhat a fantastic book What a great authorIn one review that I read it said you feel like your living it instead of reading itso true Oh Russell what a great character I worried about you through this entire book I want to read all this author s works now if there are any

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READ ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Å Michael Farris Smith READ × Desperation Road Sans rien uelues années plus tôt de la ville où elle a grandi elle revient tout aussi démunie Elle pense avoir connu le pire Elle se trompe Russel a lui aussi uitté sa ville natale onze ans plus tôt Pour une peine de prison ui vient tout juste d'arriver à son terme Il retourne chez lui en pensant avoir réglé sa dette C'est sans compter sur le désir de vengeance de ceux ui l'attendent. You are never strongerthan when you land on the other side of despair Zadie Smith White Teeth Russell Gaines is back home after spending 11 years in Parchman Penitentiary and he believes he s paid his debt to society he just wants to get on with his life Others don t agree with him Revenge has a long memory and for those who live with it it s an all consuming beast that has to be acknowledged The small Southern town of McComb Mississippi with its explosive mix of bourbon guns and drugs mean it s a particularly dangerous place for revenge to make it s homeMeanwhile Maben and her young daughter Annalee are walking the interstate they re desperate and tired like only the homeless can experience Maben decides to give her daughter a break and spends her last few dollars on a motel room This night though will end in disaster with Maben in possession of a pistol and a deputy dead at her feetIn the funny way that fate works Russell and Maben s paths cross in a most spectacular fashion Both of them have a past they re desperate to leave behind but with the odds stacked against them the future s not looking too goodWhere do I begin with this one It s not really a thriller and neither is there a mystery to be solved Apart from the first few chapters it s not a fast paced action packed storyline either so why then did it grab me and not let go till the very end Well for one thing the narrative was uite simply beautiful The author writes with a clarity that damn near touched my soul recognising as he does so elouently human frailty and emotion in its many forms It was very much character led and the characters though flawed damaged were superbly portrayed Michael Farris Smith is a master wordsmith and had me hanging on to every one of those words I didn t want it to end but I couldn t read it fast enough Don t miss out on this one it s a wonderful readThank you to Netgalley and Oldcastle Books for my ARC in exchange for an honest review

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READ ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Å Michael Farris Smith READ × Desperation Road De temps à autre apparaît un auteur amoureux de son art du langage écrit et des grands mystères ui résident de l'autre côté du monde physiue Il y avait William Faulkner Cormac McCarthy ou Annie Proulx Vous pouvez maintenant ajouter Michael Farris Smith à la liste James Lee BurkeUne femme marche seule avec une petite fille sur une route de Louisiane Elle n'a nulle part où aller Partie. I picked up Desperation Road after I kept seeing it pop up on my feed with several 5 star ratings I didn t read any of the reviews before I went into this book which was probably a good thing because I was able to experience everything fresh without any idea of what was going to transpire It ended up being uite a big surprise for me but not in the way that you d probably expectYou see McComb Mississippi is my hometownand it is the setting of this story My family has a very long history in this small southern town In fact my grandmother s uncle my great great uncle was McComb s Chief of Police in the 1920 s He is one of 3 officers that have been killed in the line of duty in the history of McComb s police force He was gunned down when serving a warrant for forged checks His murderer escaped and an international manhunt ensued with the murderer being caught in Canada and eventually hung in MagnoliaGoing into this story I had absolutely no idea of where the story was set and it caught me off guard While other readers were engrossed in the story I found myself lost to a strong case of nostalgia I haven t been back in years since I was a young teen but as the author described Delaware Avenue and the angular arches of Centenary United Methodist Church it felt like I was right back there again I could so easily picture the surrounding towns like Magnolia and the businesses like the Fernwood Truck Stop that the author described He really did a fantastic job of accurately portraying the geography and physical lay of the landThat being said because I spent so much time reminiscing I did find myself missing details of the story than a few times I was listening to the Audible version and had to rewind this story several times to reorient myself For most listeners this probably won t be a problem It is always a little trickier to stay abreast of what s going on when listening to a story that bounces between multiple characters but this one was difficult for me because I kept getting lost in my own memoriesThe story itself was suspenseful and utterly captivating Alongside the vivid descriptions of the town and surrounding areas a full cast of characters makes this story stand out Everyone in this book has a story to tell The secrets betrayals and motivations are manyThe two characters that are the central focus of this story are on separate paths not intersecting until you are well into the story As the story unfolds past and present collide Will they be offered the chance to redeem themselvesRussell Gaines has just been released from prison after serving time for killing a young man He returns to his hometown where the brothers of his victim have been awaiting his release and their revenge for the duration of his imprisonment As with other characters the details of his past are revealed little by littleMaben is wandering alongside the Interstate when we first meet her Every possession she owns is carried in the trash bag thrown over her shoulder Along with her young daughter Annalee she trudges on toward the town she hasn t been to in years She is a much changed version of the girl she was when she left her hometown Addiction and loss have left their mark on her In an act of desperation she jeopardizes the only good thing that she has left in her lifeOverall I thought that this was a fantastic and engaging read I will probably go back to it at some point to catch the details that I suspect that I ve missed while I was reminiscing Even so it was a great story that kept me guessing right to the very end This author sucked me right in to the plight of these characters It is my first book by Michael Farris Smith but will not be my last

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