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Chan Ho-Kei Ñ 2 Summary Review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ñ Chan Ho-Kei Free read 網內人 Chan Ho Kei’s The Borrowed was one of the most acclaimed international crime novels of recent years a vivid and compelling tale of power corruption and the law spanning five decades of the history of Hong Kong Now he delivers Second Sister an up to the minute tale of a Darwinian digital city where everyone from tech entrepreneurs to teenagers is struggling for the topA schoolgirl Siu Man has committed suicide leaping from her twenty second floor window to the pavement below Siu Man is an orphan and the. I really enjoyed THE BORROWED but didn t like this one uite as much Still it has a solid hook and for readers who enjoy twisty intricate mysteries SECOND SISTER centers on N who is a Sherlock ian character if Sherlock was a hacker I haven t seen many mysteries that use technology as well as this one does With that said the biggest weakness of the book is how much time is spent explaining things to us Our protagonist Nga Yee has hired N to find who drove her sister to suicide An average person would need to have most of N s actions explained but Nga Yee is practically a luddite without even a basic understanding of cell phones so every explanation takes uite s

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Chan Ho-Kei Ñ 2 Summary Review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ñ Chan Ho-Kei Free read 網內人 Ated by a man harassing girls on mass transit; high school kids with their competing agendas and social dramas; a Hong Kong digital company courting an American venture capitalist; and the Triads market women and noodle shop proprietors who freuent N’s neighborhood of Sai Wan In the end it all comes together to tell us who caused Siu Man’s death and why and to ask in a world where online and offline dialogue has increasingly forgotten about the real people on the other end what the proper punishment i. I uite enjoyed this book by an author new to me though as always with translated work I wonder if the original style has been captured I didn t on the whole mind too much the lengthy explanations about hacking and how cyber crimes occur but feel that the author does explain too many other things too especially about N at the endI have a bone to pick with the author or is it the translator and by extension to all other people who use the term librarian loosely not distinguishing between a librarian and a library assistant From the description of her job it is clear that Nga Yee is a library assistant not a librarian There is a difference

Chan Ho-Kei Ñ 2 Summary

Chan Ho-Kei Ñ 2 Summary Review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ñ Chan Ho-Kei Free read 網內人 Librarian older sister who’s been raising her refuses to believe there was no foul play nothing seemed amiss She contacts a man known only as N a hacker and an expert in cybersecurity and manipulating human behavior But can Nga Yee interest him sufficiently to take her case and can she afford it if he says yesWhat follows is a cat and mouse game through the city of Hong Kong and its digital underground especially an online gossip platform where someone has been slandering Siu Man The novel is also popul. Second Sister is Chan Ho kei best novel yet I loved every page I read Borrowed and enjoyed that but Second Sister had an immediate impact on me with an opening of suspense that I couldn t put the book down Second Sister is is just the type of book that made me enjoy it all as its full of suspense Gossip rumour and revenge My review on my website wwwbookread2daywordpresscom Twitterbookpage5Nga Yee has looked after her younger sister Siu Man since the death of their parents When Nga Yee left her flat at eight in the morning she had no idea her whole life would change that day When Nga Yee returns back to their building Wun Wah House and sees a police car and

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