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review ñ Charnobyl skaia malitva Summary Charnobyl skaia malitva Ent personal accounts of the tragedy Journalist Svetlana Alexievich interviewed hundreds of people affected by the meltdown from innocent citizens to firefighters to those called in to clean up the disaster and their storie. You feel how some completely unseen thing can enter and then destroy the whole world can crawl into you Dejecting and uintessential Voices from Chernobyl The Oral History of a Nuclear Disaster contains the harrowing accounts of lives lost and lived after the cataclysmic disaster that happened on April 26 1986 near the city of Pripyat The explosion created a seemingly bright crimson glow in the sky Awestruck residents nearby marvelled at its exhilarating beauty We didn t know that death could be so beautiful Though I wouldn t say that it had no smell it wasn t a spring or an autumn smell but something else and it wasn t the smell of earth Little did they know that these series of blasts that had occurred inside block number 4 of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant has sent forth unbelievable amounts of ura

Summary Charnobyl skaia malitva

Charnobyl skaia malitva

review ñ Charnobyl skaia malitva Summary Charnobyl skaia malitva Winner of the Nobel Prize in LiteratureOn April 26 1986 the worst nuclear reactor accident in history occurred in Chernobyl and contaminated as much as three uarters of Europe Voices from Chernobyl is the first book to pres. I was about 5 when Chernobyl happened and my family lived near the Baltic Sea not that far from the explosion zone relatively speaking I can t really remember what exactly I understood about what had happened I remember our family friend s little niece came from Belarus to stay for the summer I have strange knowledge of the dangers of radiation and mutations and acid rains and death by belokroviye leukemia I knew a lot of people with enlarged thyroids and I also somehow still know that I need iodine not to get sick Strange things I have in my subconscious Sometimes I wonder what I learned from life and what from Roadside Picnic a novel prophetic in many ways This is what Alexievich writes about you live through Chernobyl and Chernobyl becomes a part of you in many waysIt took me 30 years to finally be ready

review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ò Svetlana Alexievich

review ñ Charnobyl skaia malitva Summary Charnobyl skaia malitva S reveal the fear anger and uncertainty with which they still live Composed of interviews in monologue form Voices from Chernobyl is a crucially important work of immense force unforgettable in its emotional power and hones. Very touching voices chronicling the Chernobyl experience and comparing life before and after the moment that changed everything Svetlana Alexievich captures the suffering of ordinary people of all walks of life as well as that of professional staff sent to Chernobyl to deal with the crisis immediately after it happened She creates a social panorama of the society that was affected in its totality by the nuclear disasterI will never forget my feelings in 1986 living in West Germany and attending a small town primary school All of a sudden global politics became a tangible reality and a threat Chernobyl was the first man made disaster that I experienced and understood After Chernobyl nothing was ever as innocent as before again A wake up call for my social conscience you could say But I never grasped what it

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