[kindle / Pdf] Finding Home Rollin On #1 by Emilia Finn

Finding Home Rollin On #1

Finding Home Rollin On #1 Read Ä PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Emilia Finn ð 2 Download Free read Ê PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ð Emilia Finn Being Bobby Kincaid is a local gym owner and professional UFC fighter He is a family man through and through but he’s not looking to settle down He has a big fight this year and no time or desire for distractions Will he win the title Will he make room in his life for a few extras It's a life or death race to the end Will Kit be able to find home again before it's too late This is a full length novel with no cliffhanger. Reviewer of 2 Girls Book Reviews5 STARSThere are few things that surprise me to this point because I have read a lot of books from many genres Nowadays the most popular plots have MCs fighters or mafia The important thing here is not the genre or even the basic plot but how the author explores it to make it special and unforgettable When I read the blurb of this book I was afraid the author might fall into a cliche but I was amazed by the way she makes the story her very own It was heartbreaking touching warm and absolutely beautiful in a uniue way Kit Reilly was everything I would expect from a heroine She is a lovely and responsible girl that had to grow up too uickly She is 24 and the early twenties are supposed to be the time were young adults start to be independent while enjoying the perks of partying their hearts out Nevertheless she has too many things going on in her life that she nearly has time to breath I can t help but admire her dedication to her family but I felt sad that she didn t have that much confidence in herself However this was also good because I got to see how she evolved through the book with a little help from the golden fighter Bobby I like Kit I really do but I have a soft spot for Bobby Believe me ladies you will too I was totally swooning when I imagined his devilish grin and giggling at some flirting scenes with Kit Those two are so adorable together and I couldn t help but notice and adore the fact that they compliment each other so well Bobby was very confident in himself sometimes even in a slightly arrogant way but he was also kind and loyal I loved that every character especially our hero and heroine had two sides to themselves and we were able to see both Perhaps my favorite part of the novel was the fact that romance isn t the only main theme It shares a good portion of the plot with the family theme It was amazing how the author managed to make these two themes compliment each other in such a heartwarming and sometimes heartbreaking way I highly recommend this novel any contemporary romance readers and even to those that have their doubts about the genre Yeah I am that confident in the ability of the book to attract readers It is a memorable plot after all I can t wait to start book 2

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Finding Home Rollin On #1 Read Ä PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Emilia Finn ð 2 Download Free read Ê PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ð Emilia Finn Ank you Emilia Finn for writing this beautiful story I am your fan forever” Kit Reilly is just an average woman; strong hardworking and fiercely independent but when her best friend dies young and Kit inherits a belligerent teenage dependent she just wants life to be a little less dramatic She lives day to day doing her best to keep her head above water and she tries to encourage her new house mate to be a decent human. Whoa Just whoaEmilia Finn is a new to me author but when it s free how the heck can you say noAnywho I love this author and she has become a one click for sureI love the way she wrote our Heroine as a badass who can take care of herself and anyone else that happens to be there She isn t afraid to speak her mind she isn t afraid much of falling in love and taking that step that is so scary in any new relationship Despite all the hurtles and obstacles in her way she manages just fine especially with the help of our HeroPossible spoilersKit the heroine doesn t need a man but when Bobby catches her eye she goes with it and doesn t fight it after the initial hesitation She is now taking care of her younger immature brother along with dealing with the death of her father What woman doesn t love to see another woman struggle and ultimately CONUER the hurtles thrown her way And Bobby Swoon Talk about a hero He is so in love with our heroine not letting her run meaning chasing after her when necessary and convincing her to take a chance on him On them I mean who doesn t want that And when crap hits the fan where is he RIGHT AT HER BACK She doesn t NEED him to protect her she can do it on her own but it s nice to see a man who doesn t mind standing back and watching his woman be awesomeNow I m rambling but if you haven t read Emilia Finn now is definitely the time to start

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Finding Home Rollin On #1 Read Ä PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Emilia Finn ð 2 Download Free read Ê PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ð Emilia Finn Reviewers are giving Finding Home 5 stars “Emilia Finn made me swoon and tear up and literally clutch at my pillow Her pain was my pain I felt her swoon I felt everything and then some Finding Home isn't about just love it's about family it's about finding your own and surviving life” “I loved every single minute finding new nuances of each character Every single soul in the book left their foot print in my heart Th. This was a huge slow burn Bobby was pretty awesome Kit was just alright some moments better than othersKit s brother Jack was a nice secondary character But the greatest secondary character was Jimmy Absolutely hilarious However while I know the background of the book surrounding the characters was MMA fighting there was a LOT of it included in the book To the point I wanted to skim overKit resisted Bobby for a good half of the book even though she was attracted This push and pull got annoying fast Then all of a sudden after a date the sexual intimacy kicked off Now it s hot and heavy with multiple scenes At this point I was curious what would happen next since it leading up it had been such a dry spellOne of the worst parts was the obvious trouble the bad side of Kit s family was causing Especially the threats So WHY didn t she call the police Why didn t she give Bobby all the info This was extremely frustrating and got into stupid decision territoryKit getting hurt so severely felt unnecessary for the story And then at the end she mentioning she wants to start training againugh girl your shoulder is destroyed sit down and stop thinking about fighting again I also wasn t a fan of the main guy AND girl being wrapped up in MMA Even though Bobby was cute with his worry at her first fightBased on the general middle of the road mood on this one book 2 being about this couple again and the fact that Jimmy s book involves the h being with another guy first I m going to skip the rest of this series I just didn t feel magic or excitement

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