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Free read Dirty Like Brody Free read õ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ï Jaine Diamond Jaine Diamond ï 4 Free read Ago she ran away from her dream career as a songwriter with Dirty and the only man she’s ever loved without telling anyone whyNow Jessa’s doing the one thing she swore she’d never do She’s coming home to be a bridesmaid in her brother’s rock star wedding and face the mistakes of her pastIt won’t be easyLove this intense never is Dirty Like Brody is the second full length novel in the Di. I m LOVING this seriesseriously LOVINGHowever this one was just ok for me BUT this book is pivotable in this series bc a lot of info is involved These charactersALL of them are freaking ridiculous GOODI just wish these characters were less in their headpast and in the present with the dialogueEither way I m continuingLOVING THIS

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Free read Dirty Like Brody Free read õ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ï Jaine Diamond Jaine Diamond ï 4 Free read Rty series a rockstar romance series about the members of the rock band Dirty and the women and men who love them Novels in the Dirty series are interconnected standalones each with an HEA There are ongoing storylines that develop throughout the series so reading them in order is not crucial but is recommended Reading order Dirty Like Me Dirty #1 Dirty Like Us Dirty #05 novella Dirty Like Brody Dirty. I will do a thorough review later I finished reading this on an overnight shift so I am a bit lagged I really enjoy this author s style of writing and I have fun with the characters she creates The first book was fun and I immediately signed up to follow the author because I really want to know what happens to these guys That has only increased after reading this one I feel like I really got to know everyone much better after this and I am seriously looking forward to the next book I am going to rant a little about one aspect of this book that irritated me but I would like to say ahead of time that I did still give this book a solid B rating and I was really glad I read it I just need to rant about this one thingSPOILERISH AHEADThat saidthis book would have been a 4 star easy with an A rating if it hadn t been for one thing It is sometimes necessary to withhold past information for a time to add mystery or to keep the reader guessinginterestedinvolved etc After that certain amount of timeI hate you and want to punch the characters in the face The lag may be adding emphasis When I looked at my kindle and realized we were over 40% into the book and we still had NO IDEA what the freaking reason was for all the angstI will be real I threatened the kindle the author and the characters I may have also gestured aggressively This is annoying by itself but to keep it going as any good author does in this situation she gave small pieces that don t fully explain the whole My struggle with this was it didn t really feel that way It ended up feeling like I kept being trapped in a room with two people arguing about something in a code that I don t know I couldn t even choose sides or reason things out because CODE It also went something like this me watching back and forth as the argument continues Oh So maybe it wasOk apparently not Wait did she just mean Nope Not that either BIG REVEAL in the argument SO it was really about Turns out that was something they were mad about that wasn t the real issue still After about 4 of these arguments followed by the heroin thinking I really have to tell him the real issue the real reason but I don t know how he will feel when he knows so I am going to be a chicken and not say anything for a while EVERY TIME I was intrigued enough to stick around invested enough because of the characters likability but it was a VERY close call I stopped being intrigued and started just feeling left out of the story Like watching a seuel film that is going to tie up answers the first film left only to have the seuel made up of scenes where the camera only shows up in the middle of conversations or scenes and fading out before resolution WHAT ARE YOU SAYING TO ME It was incredibly frustrating As a reader I like to know what s going on I like to choose sides I like to guess how this is going to play out I like to give the characters advice that I am fully aware they can t hear I also like to be able to comfort myself by justifying behaviors with reason and logic It is exceptionally annoying when the characters are doing ridiculous things the same things repeatedly and you are half way through the book and you still don t know why You can t guess how soon they will get over it if ever You can t tell if they are within reason or just being jerks Maybe the big reveal is big But maybe not I would like to assume they are acting within proportion to the situation but that is not always the case I once read a book and I was trying really hard to be sympathetic to the heroin because the few insights we had implied serious trauma Only to have the delayed reveal turn out to be that her trauma was her parents divorcing when she was an adult but they still loved her showed it and individually openly adored her Now not to downplay the trauma that is divorce but the hints made it seem like serious abuseI couldn t take her seriously after that That is not the fault of this author Jaine did not disappoint or maybe anyone except me because my imagination tries desperately to fill in the blanks but Limbo is not fun for me as a reader Now maybe you are a reader that has no problem with this kind of thing If that is the case Enjoy It truly was a good read Just beware otherwise Sometimes knowing the struggle ahead of time helps me keep my expectations in check so I can truly enjoy the story

Free read õ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ï Jaine Diamond

Free read Dirty Like Brody Free read õ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ï Jaine Diamond Jaine Diamond ï 4 Free read He was all she ever wanted Then she broke his heartAs longtime manager of Dirty the hottest rock band on the planet gorgeous and brooding Brody Mason has had his share of beautiful women Yet the only one he’s ever wanted is the one he never had the one who tore his heart outBeautiful and elusive Jessa Mayes appears to have it all Talent money and a glamorous life But she also has a secret Six years. I ve become a fan of Jaine Diamond and her boys and girls in the rock band Dirty This is Brody and Jessa s story and it is written with the drama that seems to usually follow bad boys in famous bands Dirty was a band made up of childhood friends who are like family than anyting else and like most families along with their love comes a lot of heartache Brody was always their friend just not one of the friends with musical talent His talent came in the form of being their manager and he did well for the boys and himself Brody had a tough life and took on a bad boy persona from the start but he also became the savior of Jessa Mayes As kids Brody took to Jessa but knew with the age difference at that time he could only admire her from afar even though she was the kid sister to his best friend Jesse This meant that Brody had watched Jessa grow up into an amazingly beautiful woman Jessa had talent not only being a lyricist to a lot of Dirty s music but also as a modelJessa was dealing with her demons that she let take her from the only family she knew and kept her from them for six years The only thing bringing Jessa back at this time was her brother s wedding The man she ran from was going to be therealong with his girlfriend That had to hurt but she couldn t stop watching Brody As for Brody he was pissed off that after all of this time Jessa had not once answered any of his calls or messages Just how long was Brody to wait for Jessa That attraction was still there but along with that attraction came all of the demons that had sent Jessa running away from her friends and family So what did send Jessa running and how long can you actually expect someone to wait Is loving someone worth the risk that they may very well hurt you andor leave you yet again Ms Diamond has done a great job again of bringing you characters that she molds into people you can t get enough of and leaves you feeling totally invested in their lives Dirty Like Brody takes you in and behind the music scene along with taking your heart and putting it all out there This is one of the series that always has me waiting with great anticipation as to who we are going to be up close and personal with nextI received this book as an ARC from a freely given and honest review