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Read The Innocent Wife The Innocent Wife Free read È eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Amy Lloyd ß 8 Review Yo objetivo es destapar la realidad y liberarle a él un hombre ue fue declarado culpable de manera incorrectaA miles de kilómetros de distancia en Inglaterra Samantha está obsesionada con el caso de Dennis Ambos se intercambian cartas y ella rápidamente lo cree dado ue Dennis se muestra encantador y muy educa. 25Sam is a young woman living a lonely uiet life in the UK Now in the blink of an eye she finds herself caught up in an international buzz involving a death row inmate in the US named DennisAs the latest media firestorm sweeps the digital world seemingly everyone is outraged and rallying to free this un justly convicted felon Documentary crews are busy researching and filming And the Who s Who of Hollywood elite are standing behind Dennis throwing money and support towards his cause An ocean away in England easily influenced Sam is magnetically drawn to all the drama She begins writing jail house love letters to Dennis uickly establishing a close relationship In her mind the next logical step is to pack a bag and catch the next flight out to the US She can t wait to meet this misunderstood victim in person Ah young love in bloom Only problem is the press coverage worked a little too well and now Dennis is scheduled to be freed Freed The reality of what up until now was pure fantasy hits Sam like a tidal wave Is she about to get a lot than she bargained for Is she really ready to continue a relationship with someone who was on death rowThe prosSuper fast read Fantastic premise I mean Netflix did an entire series similarly based on the same idea Had the whole country talking about it and people signing up in droves for Netflix just to watch itThe consWell where do I beginThe story just never took off for me I was two thirds into the book and felt like the story was still being set upThe ending left me totally confused with uestions than answers Thank you Susanne for taking me through it step by step to help explain what happened Thrillers are my thingand if I can t follow along and get left with huh at the end well that just doesn t happen Until nowThis just wasn t for me Hope it works better for youThank you to Edelweiss for an ARC to read in exchange for an honest review

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Read The Innocent Wife The Innocent Wife Free read È eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Amy Lloyd ß 8 Review Do en su correspondencia Tanto es así ue Samantha decide dejar de lado toda su vida para casarse con él y ayudarle a ue sea liberadoCuando Dennis finalmente es declarado inocente Samantha comienza a descubrir nuevos detalles ue podrían sugerir ue su marido no es tan encantador ni inocente como antes le parecí. 225 Stars rounded downSam is a teacher in England who incessantly follows the story of a man imprisoned for murder His name is Dennis Dawson and he was arrested for the brutal murder of a young girl in Florida twenty years prior Now he is the subject of a documentary that is trying to prove his innocence Sam can t help but be drawn in Dennis is a handsome and charismatic man She starts corresponding with him and the two form a relationship Before she knows it she is traveling to Florida to meet him and then she marries him even though they have never touched never held hands and never kissed In the craziest events the campaign to free Dennis works new evidence comes to light and he becomes a free man Sam is caught up in a whirlwind Their life together is nothing like Sam imagined Dennis is not the man she thought he was Slowly secrets begin to unravel and Sam learns what is real and what is not As she soon finds out the truth is a terrifying thing The Innocent Wife started out very slow In fact it dragged on endlessly and was a complete snoozefest until about 23rds of the way in I was not even remotely invested in any of the characters or the storyline Around the last 13rd of the book it actually got a little interesting and become totally convoluted Unfortunately the novel itself didn t work for me there were several plot holes and the storyline just didn t make sense This was a Traveling Sister Read It included Kaceey Lindsay Diane S and Holly Though the book wasn t a successful read I had a fabulous time reading this with my sisters and we were all in agreement for the most part which gave us lots of laughs Thanks sisters Thank you to Edelweiss Hanover Suare and Amy Lloyd for an ARC of this novel Published on Edelweiss and Goodreads on 1718 Will be published on on 3618

Amy Lloyd ß 8 Review

Read The Innocent Wife The Innocent Wife Free read È eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Amy Lloyd ß 8 Review Confías en todo lo ue te han contado pero ¿estás preparada para conocer la verdadVeinte años atrás Dennis Danson fue arrestado y encarcelado por el brutal asesinato de una adolescente Ahora es el protagonista de un documental sobre dicho crimen ue ha despertado un terrible frenesí en las redes sociales y cu. Dennis Danson is a convicted killer on death row having been charged with the brutal murder of a young girl in Florida s Red River County He claims he s innocent and has a huge following who believe in his innocence After twenty years in prison his case is now the subject of a true crime documentary which raises his profile to an ever increasing audience particularly online Thousands of miles away in the UK Samantha a schoolteacher is one of those who become infatuated with him she believes he s innocent and regularly contributes to online forums for like minded people eager to discover the truth convinced of his wrongful conviction She begins to correspond with him and decides to visit him in person Sam is won over by Dennis he s charming and softly spoken and it isn t long before she s left her old life behind marries him and joins the campaign for his release The campaign is successful and Dennis and Sam can now begin married life in earnest but Sam starts to have concerns about Dennis s involvement in the murder Added to that how much does Dennis really know about Sam the eponymous innocent wife Sam becomes increasingly doubtful about Dennis s innocence he s very much a man of contradictions and his mood can change at the flick of a switch But how do you approach this terrifying subject with him when you re so fearful of his answer I found that right from the start there was an underlying tension like the calm before the storm just waiting for the real story to reveal itself As the storyline progressed the fear became palpable with some extremely tense moments and every time I put the book down I was itching to pick it up again A dark psychological thriller with some heart pounding scenes make this a really riveting read Thank you to Netgalley and Random House UK Cornerstone for my ARC in exchange for an honest review

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