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Shadow Captain

review æ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Alastair Reynolds review ☆ Shadow Captain ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Two sisters ran away from home to join the crew of a spaceship They took on pirates faced down monsters and survived massacres an 45 starsI enjoyed this second installment even than Revenger I know Revenger received mixed reviews from Reynolds fans who I guess didn t get what they expected but really I think he wrote a great story and Shadow Captain is a fine continuation The writing continues to reflect Reynolds densely competent style with both tension and character development delivered in eual measure Fura continues a slide into the personality transformation that began as she relentlessly pursued and rescued her abducted sister Adrana Adrana continues to recover herself and tries to understand the extent of any lasting effect Bosa s conditioning must have had on herThe bond between the sisters remains but now that they have taken Revenger the uestion that looms over them is who are they going to become This time around the story is told from Adrana s perspective rather than Fura s and it shows how similar they remain despite the different yet eually traumatic events that have brought them back togetherI found Shadow Captain to be a dark exciting and creative tale which ends on an expectant note of unguessable events still to come

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review æ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Alastair Reynolds review ☆ Shadow Captain ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Nd treasures to find in the darkest reaches of space But the rules are also relaxed out on the fringes as they're about to discov A disappointing 3 starsI definitely recommend you read or re read the far superior first book in the series Revenger before starting thisBeautiful full size image hereAll of the components for a great and clever book were here but the prose is often ponderous and over written Fura and Adrana have grown into mostly hard and unsympathetic characters The action seuences are few and the narrative pacing is often poor and the choices that Fura and Adrana make are far too often selfish and disrespectful of the Revenger crewPerhaps only Prozer and a few other minor characters exhibit real life and empathyHonestly this could have been great but it feels like it was forced onto the page Not really much fun here at all And yes at the end we are set up for a seuelThere were very few uotes that I marked in the book Here s one of the good ones Somewhere out beyond the Empty there now shone stars that had been born in gas clouds after this room was decorated There were stars that had been alive then that were just corpses now if they had left the least trace of themselves There was just too much past too much time that had already happened and our lives were as nothing against that endless black conveyor belt ceaselessly rolling stretching and stretching ever further backward into a dread eternity

review æ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Alastair Reynolds

review æ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Alastair Reynolds review ☆ Shadow Captain ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB D now they're in charge Captaining a fearsome ship of their own adventures are theirs for the taking and there's hoards to loot a Shadow Captain the seuel to one of 2016 s best science fiction novels is even entertaining than Revenger in fact it s preposterously good This futuristic pirate tale from master space opera writer Alastair Reynolds is a uniue and original take on space adventure and this time revenge and grief are at the forefront of characters minds It s enjoyable to see the progression and evolution of the characters the Ness sisters in particular as they continue their adventures aboard the Nightjammer The author dials back some of the horror elements that are present in the first book but the action remains thrilling and plentiful Reynolds s worldbuilding is some of the best in the business and this world is no exception It s richly imagined and elaborate with lots of attention to detail that most writers don t give a second thought to His characters are superbly drawn with real grit and gusto and are easy to cheer for and relate to as the story unfoldsThe narrative shifts from Arafura s in Revenger to sister Adrana in Shadow Captain but neither of the girls are as innocent and hopeful as they were when this dark journey began It s on uite a regular basis that the second novel in a trilogy suffers from middle book syndrome but there s none of that here this is even enjoyable than the first book I love that the author provides food for thought about all manner of things the most fascinating of which is the possibility of alien life and even after finishing I am still thinking about some of the uestions that arise in this beautifully woven tale Those who enjoy sci fi cyberpunk and young adult adventures will find plenty to revel in here just be sure to read the preceding book before this it will make little sense otherwise I feel it will even appeal to those who read thrillers as it has plenty of thrills danger and surprises and fantasy fans will enjoy the pirate aspect of the novel and yes before some smart arse points it out I know pirates exist I am now so so excited for the next instalment so don t make us wait too long Mr ReynoldsMany this to Gollancz for an ARC

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  • Shadow Captain
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