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read & download Ó PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Þ Virginia Heath His Mistletoe Wager review ☆ 0 Virginia Heath Þ 0 review “Five berries eual the five separate kisses I challenge you to steal”Notorious rake Henry “Hal” Stuart Earl of Redbridge is certain he’ll win his Christmas bet until he learns he’ll be st What a delightful romantic and heart warming Christmas storyHenry Hal Stuart only son and heir to the Earl of Redbridge hated everything his mean dictatorial father stood for and adopting a rakish lifestyle was his way of annoying his father After inheriting the earldom Hal finds that his old life has lost its appeal and he is interested in running the estate reading the financial news and listening to debates in the Lords He isn t looking forward to approaching Christmas season because it means he will be obligated to continue the family tradition of attending every festive event for a month culminating in a ball hosted by himself on Twelfth Night Since rejecting his old lifestyle Hal feels that something is missing in his life and when his brother in law and best friend Aaron Wincanton Viscount Ardleigh suggests a wager steal 5 kisses one for each berry on the sprig of mistletoe Hal is holding in five different locations before Twelfth Night with the usual stake of the loser mucking out the other s stables single handed it s a wager that Hal has every confidence in winning I can assure you I am the single most eligible man at this ball I am phenomenally wealthy devilishly handsome totally charming and as you have uite rightly pointed out I m an earl There isn t a young lady in that ballroom who would not welcome my advances Maybe his confidence might be a little premature when Aaron names the lady he has chosen for the wagerthe frosty unapproachable Lady Elizabeth WildingLady Elizabeth Lizzie Wilding s world was shattered when her fianc jilted her on their wedding day leaving her not only broken hearted but pregnant as well Her father used his political connections and respected position in society to protect his daughter s reputation and Lizzie has emerged a stronger and harder woman Her father refuses to give up hope that she might find a suitable husband but nothing will tempt her to ever marry again She was no longer a dreamer but a realist whose eyes had been opened to the harsh realities of lifeLizzie has been able to keep her son George s Georgie existence a secret but he has led an isolated existence well away from the eyes of the ton Now he is older Lizzie wants Georgie to have a normal childhood to go school make friends and grow up free from the stigma of his illegitimacy She has purchased a cottage in Yorkshire with an inheritance from her grandmother and once the Christmas festivities are over she intends to start a new life there as Mrs Smith a young war widow The only thing Lizzie dreads is telling her father who has always stood by her and adores his grandsonIt is wonderful to see how much Lizzie loves her son Charlie and the sacrifices she is willing to make to protect him She is also selfless in her love for and loyalty to her father and her determination that her foolish indiscretion will not bring scandal to the family I admire Lizzie s father who clearly loves his daughter very much and gives her his unconditional support when so many girls in her situation would have been shunned by their family and forced to give up their babyI love how the relationship between Hal and Lizzie develops slowly I anticipated that their initial meeting at the ball would be full of witty banter and I wasn t disappointed When Hal s tactics fail and Lizzie gives him short shrift he is not one to admit defeat where a wager is concerned even if it means confronting the Wilding s large imposing butler Stevens who looks like a prize fighter than a butler Their various exchanges are pure delight Hal edged into the room as her bodyguard glared at him murderously I will be just outside the door Just outside the door Message received and understood Stevens Whilst you are out there I don t suppose you could rustle up some tea Hal grinned cheekily and she uite admired his bravado Only it s dashed cold outside and I could do with something to warm me up I ADORE Hal and totally fell in love with him Beneath all that flippant roguish charm is an honourable intelligent and kind man He sees beyond Lizzie s ironclad fa ade to the beautiful intelligent loyal and witty woman beneath whose company he enjoys and is determined to discover the secret he knows she is hiding even if it involves risking life and limb scaling an ancient wisteria bush When he finds out about Georgie initially he has mixed emotions but ultimately he realises that Lizzie was his friend She was in troubleAn innocent little boy was in trouble tooI enjoyed seeing Lizzie gradually softening towards Hal and recognising that he is than just a charming rake lacking in substance and purpose he is a strong honourable and loyal man willing to defend her against the evil machinations of the odious Lord Ockenden and his associate Lizzie s former fianc the dissolute Maruess of Rainham Her knight in shining armour smiled although there was ice in his eyes and a hardness about his jaw she had never seen before Physically he appeared to have grown Devoid of his veneer of charm he was huge Menacing Ready to charge into battle like one of the lead soldiers he had picked out for her little boyHal has such a natural way with children which is evident in the way he strikes up an immediate rapport with Georgie and their scenes together are charming I also love how he insists on teaching his nieces to be hellions much to the chagrin of his sister ConnieI feel that Ms Heath handles the solution to the potential scandal surrounding Georgie in a clever and believable way and paves the way for a well deserved Happy Ever After for Hal and LizzieMY VERDICT If you are looking for a delightful witty romantic and passionate romance to read over the festive period then I can most definitely recommend His Mistletoe Wager I received a complimentary copy from the author for the purposes of an honest review This review was first posted on my Rakes and Rascals Blog

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read & download Ó PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Þ Virginia Heath His Mistletoe Wager review ☆ 0 Virginia Heath Þ 0 review Ealing Lady Elizabeth Wilding’s kisses A woman who refuses to be charmedOnce jilted Lizzie must guard her heart because the ton is unaware of her scandalous secret her son Despite their increasing When I read romances over the holidays I tend to lean toward traditional style kisses only Christmas love stories But my GR friend Sandra wrote an intriguing review for His Mistletoe Wager and I was hooked Read the prologue It is necessary to understand Lady Elizabeth Wilding s past and the driving force to her seclusion Chapter One started with a wager the obligatory plot device between Henry Stuart Hal and his brother in law Aaron They were bored gentlemen of nobility Though Aaron knew he d get in trouble with his wife Connie if he was caught This was where I sensed correctly there was another story how Aaron and Connie formed their relationship and married It was Her Enemy At The Altar but I read His Mistletoe Wager as a stand alone without a problem There are better reviews both positive and negative explaining the plot I found it helpful to remember that this was a HR written in a modern style A romance that if you prefer traditional Regencies you will need to suspend your disbelief Again I had no problem I liked Hal Not because of the wager but because underneath his charming exterior and he was appealing he believed in right and wrong When he meant to man up and accept responsibility for his actions his expectations were divertedAll in all this was an enjoyable uiet time spent among family and friends

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read & download Ó PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Þ Virginia Heath His Mistletoe Wager review ☆ 0 Virginia Heath Þ 0 review Attraction she can’t risk the persistent Hal bringing down her defenses But when her former fiancé returns Lizzie realizes that perhaps Hal’s the one man she can trust with her heart and her son Five berries eual the five separate kisses I challenge you to steal And what powerful kisses they are Still SwooningHal is gorgeous inside and out but as we all know rakes make the best husbands Especially when they meet a heroine who can hold her own and is not easily swayed by flowery words Hal s rakish attitude is nothing but a superficial layer hiding a very loveable and loyal man that had me all a flutter Lizzie is a heroine who has learnt from her past mistakes and is sworn off men all for the love of her child and family I loved her fierceness when it came to protecting those she loved Hal and Lizzie s story smells tastes and feels every bit like a Christmas miracle My first festive read and it s full of every magical ingredient I needed to kick start my Christmas I stayed up way passed my bed time reading this one and it was worth being a zombie for today His Mistletoe Wager will leave you glowing and ready to break out the mistletoe 5 stars from me

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