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  • 03 October 2019
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FREE DOWNLOAD ✓ Revelation The Protectors #7 Or six months but it's never fast enough it's never far enough At 30 years old the talented ER Doctor should be spending his days saving other people's lives not worrying about his own But he knows that the four years of physical and emotional abuse he's suffered at the hands of his volatile ex are nothing compared to what will happen when Ethan runs out of places to hide especially after taking something from the man he once was sure would be the love of his lif. 35 Stars Liked it did not love it But if I hadn t read the warnings and reviews of my GR friends I would have DNFed it it was that tough to read the first few chapters I completely get where the criticism comes from I echo the same thoughts Without giving any spoilers it was hard to relate to either Cain or Ethan s insta feels because of how they met Sympathy can lead to attraction but 2 weeks seemed too fast Nevertheless we readers are now accustomed to this author s penchant for having MCs with traumatic pasts and painful present so it was not surprising that Cain had trus

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FREE DOWNLOAD ✓ Revelation The Protectors #7 Scade Mountains just north of Seattle to follow up on the disappearance of his boss's co worker his only thought is to see that justice is served no matter what the circumstancesBut nothing he's ever experienced has prepared the cold hearted and very straight Cain for who he finds on that mountainor the intense need to suddenly offer than just protectionI've finally managed to break free but I've never felt trapped in my entire lifeEthan Rhodes has been running f. Man the backstory of these two was so sad and horrific It was definitely OTT and unbelievable that both could overcome it in a matter of weeks But I liked them together and they both deserve a HEA

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FREE DOWNLOAD ✓ Revelation The Protectors #7 I trusted once I won't make that mistake againAn ugly childhood and devastating betrayal have left 25 year old Cain Jensen scarred inside and out Protecting himself means keeping everyone at arm's length and protecting others means never getting emotionally involved In the three years since he's joined an underground vigilante group every life he saves helps ease the guilt of the ones that were lost to him so long ago So when he's sent to a remote cabin in the Ca. This is the 7th book in the Protectors series and I was extremely excited when I found out that Sloane Kennedy was releasing this book a few days sooner Over the last year this author has become one of my favorite mm writers and her books are an absolute auto buy for meEven though this book can be read as a stand alone I would like to encourage everyone to read all her books in the right order Sloane Kennedy has published a few series which she keeps adding to and some characters cross over from one series to the next Reading these books is so much enjoyable when you actually know all the side characters By n