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Fools and Mortals review Ó eBook or Kindle ePUB E is a penniless actor making ends meet through a combination of a beautiful face petty theft and a silver tongue As William’s star rises Richard’s onetime gratitude is souring and he is sorely tempted to abandon family loyaltySo when a priceless manuscript goes missing suspicion falls upon Richard forcing him onto a perilous path through a bawdy and freuently brutal London Entangled in a high stakes game of duplicity and betrayal which threatens not only his career. Hmm perhaps this was a bad choice for my first foray into the world of Bernard Cornwell I ve seen his books around for years and after my recent binge read and love of Ken Follett s epic Pillars of the Earth trilogy I was longing for some historical fiction This was just so bland and tame in comparison thoughGlancing around reviews I see that this is outside of the author s usual comfort zone making me think I should maybe try The Last Kingdom or The Winter King instead I cannot say for sure whether I was just really uninterested in the subject matter of Fools and Mortals theatre or whether Cornwell didn t do it very well All I know is that the characters didn t excite me the story didn t grab me and I finished this relatively short book feeling relieved I d managed to push throughFools and Mortals introduces us to Richard Shakespeare brother of the famous William Shakespeare and an aspiring actor in Elizabethan England who constantly finds himself in his brother s shadow picking up the female roles in plays and rarely being given a chance to shine Unfortunately I felt no connection or anything for him He was bland and forgettable and worse the main conflicts are not exciting or dramatic enough Considering the darkness the religious conflicts and brutal tortures of the era Cornwell s story of theatre was very light The characters are silly inoffensive and occasionally buffoonish with Show us your tits ladies being pretty much the worst of it Much of the story is a repetitive cycle of rehearsal and performance which made it seem far longer than it actually was I was boredI have definitely been spoiled by the delicious drama of Ken Follett I was hoping for some of that here but sadly no Still I will try the author s other workBlog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube

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Fools and Mortals review Ó eBook or Kindle ePUB And potential fortune but also the lives of his fellow players Richard has to call on all he has now learned from the brightest stages and the darkest alleyways of the city To avoid the gallows he must play the part of a lifetime Showcasing the superb storytelling skill that has won Bernard Cornwell international renown Fools and Mortals is a richly portrayed tour de force that brings to life a vivid world of intricate stagecraft fierce competition and consuming ambiti. My first Bernard Cornwell and I loved every second of itSet in the Elizabethan era this follows a group of theatrical players as they battle against the disreputable name of their trade to hone their craft and strive to continue doing what they love But this is not just any group of players This group is the Lord Chamberlain Men led by playwright William Shakespeare And this renowned historical figure is unlike you have ever seen him portrayed beforeI appreciated how the focus remained historically correct and factual as far as I am aware whilst also delivering an entertaining story line London has never been an easy place to dwell but this really helped me to visualise the every day struggles and strife of those who reside there It depicted crowded streets dank alley ways and noble manor houses with a flair of narrative that helped me to clearly visualise and to truly feel every facet of every sceneFocusing on actual historical figures always brings an additional entertaining element to fiction but here I appreciated how the individuals were not painted as completely virtuous and pure as many deceased and beloved fictional figures often are William Shakespeare especially was shown to have violent fits of rage be cold and underhand often uncaring for human suffering and focused only on his own creations and the success of their performance These often scathing depictions came from the protagonist and William s brother Richard Shakespeare The family dynamic was an interesting one that opened up these notorious historical figures and allowed them to become than just two dimensional impressions They were real They were human And so they were flawedI have read other reviews that state this as their least favourite of Cornwell s creations and I can to an extent see why The pacing was rather slow There was less action and intrigue and of a slowly built understanding of Elizabethan life formed I found I adored this utter immersion into these past lives and found this an entirely fascinating insight The pace was slow for a reason and really benefited this particular story line for meI received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Thank you to the author Bernard Cornwell and the publisher Harper Collins for this opportunity

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Fools and Mortals review Ó eBook or Kindle ePUB New York Times bestselling author Bernard Cornwell makes a dramatic departure with this enthralling action packed standalone novel that tells the story of the first production of A Midsummer’s Night Dream as related by William Shakespeare’s estranged younger brother Lord what fools these mortals be In the heart of Elizabethan England Richard Shakespeare dreams of a glittering career in one of the London playhouses a world dominated by his older brother William But h. This feel good adventure in the Elizabethan era is full of detail and emotion Slow to build but well worth the investment it follows Richard Shakespeare theatre player and resentful sibling to the talented Will Not immediately likeable this is a journey of Richard s growth as much as anything else and through his experiences we are offered an intriguing picture of two very different brothers Yet their shared home is the playhouse with its own wild characters and rivalries collectively determined to put on a masterful performance of A Midsummer Night s Dream all set against a background of aggressive Puritanism vile theft and the looming threat of a new rival theatre The Swan The reader is welcomed into this vibrantly creative world each silver stitch and shit stained street recreated in lavish detail At one point Will Shakespeare describes the play as like a clock Because we spend the first part of the play pulling upwards We set the scene we make confusion we tangle our characters lives we suggest treason or establish enmity and then we let the weight go and the whole thing untangles And that my friend is the play The smooth motion of the clock hand untanglingThis is precisely what Cornwell has done here the untangling just as pleasurable as you might have hoped It was fun the author s clear love and enthusiasm for the subject keeps a smile on your face as you read and once you put the book down leaves you delightedARC via Netgalley

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