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Download æ The Alien's Mate 100 F on Luxiria all while pregnant with an alien warrior's baby that loves to kick there's unrest brewing on the planet and her strong alien mate's authority is challenged And why can't she shake the feeling that he's hiding something from her The Alien's Mate is Book Two of the Warriors of Luxiria series and is the seuel to The Alien's Prize You need to have read Book One. Change makes the world go roundThings are starting to change for Lux and it s people Some friends are lost and some new ones are made I m happy I got to see the birth of the baby to its adoring family I don t think things will get easier in the next books but I think a lot of love will be found

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Download æ The Alien's Mate 100 First The Alien's Mate concludes Vaxa'an and Kate's story and the rest of the series will focus on other Luxirian warriors that can be read as standalones Full length 45000 word novel or 200 pages Ignore pre order draft length Warriors of Luxiria series The Alien's Prize Vaxa'an and Kate The Alien's Mate Vaxa'an and Kate Untitled Book 3 Lihvan and Beks coming MayJune 201. 35 Stars

Characters ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Zoey Draven

Download æ The Alien's Mate 100 Welcome to Luxiria where the twin suns are hot and the alien warriors are hotter Kate Harper can't believe that a month ago she was living on Earth going through the motions of a normal human life Now A seriously sexy insatiable alpha alien knocked her up and she's learning how to rule over an entire species with her new mate As Kate tries to carve out a place for hersel. this was just meh for me it left off after The Alien s Prize i feel like it should have just been attached to the first book there s to much back and forth with keeping shit from each other and it just got tedious after a while and annoying i wasn t going to read the next installment but it s about vivaxan and i d rather read about him and bek than this

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