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Download Christmas in Snowflake Canyon ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Hope's Crossing 6Voor sommige kerstcadeaus moet je nét iets verder zoekenDylan Caine wilde gewoon een biertje drinken Hij was zéker niet van plan om zich in een kroeggevecht te storten – alsof hij als Afghanistanveteraan zijn buik niet vol heeft van gevechten En al helemaal niet om in de bres te springen voor die. 5 Stars Not only one of the best Christmas stories I ve ever read one of the best booksperiodFrom the first funny raucous scene at the bar where Dylan comes to Gen s aidenot that she needed his helpuntil the very last page I was utterly captivated This wounded warrior who s missing a hand and an eye takes on the town socialite who is dealing with her own devastating predicament These two go head to head as they are sentenced to do community service as penance for getting into a bar fight They work at together at A Warrior s Hope a getaway for wounded warriors men and women and their families a free vacation in the mountains of Colorado This is a chance for this community to give back to those who have lost so much and it just so happens that Dylan Caine one of their own doesn t believe in the program and now not by his doing and much to his dismay he is being forced to volunteer Genevieve Beaumont is back home in Hope s Crossing cut off from her trust account she had to leave her fancy life in Paris behind In debt and running out of options her nerves frayed she does the unthinkable and it lands her handcuffed to Dylan Caine and in the back of police cruiser Her sentenceworking with Dylan at A Warrior s Hope You could cut the sexual tension with a knife but this is a clean romanceno sex It didn t matter the characters and their dilemma drive this story This is about two people seeing themselves for what they are and realizing they have to offer someone than they thought they did I can t even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this Gen was a spitfire a changed woman someone I would want to have my back I adored her Dylan he puts on a good front but he s hurting and it takes this once spoiled bratty socialite to make him see that he was perfect for her She had the perfect man who turned out to be an ass and now she wanted what she needed didn t want to settle and Dylan was it for herWhat a thought provoking memorable read I don t need the bedroom antics not when the story was as good as this one was I loved the witty banter the heartfelt moments the family aspect and most especially Gen and Dylan They were perfect together even if they couldn t see it There are a few side stories involving the guests at A Warrior s Hope and some of Dylan s family I loved his father what a kind sweet man you could feel the love he had for his son I had no idea this was part of a series and now I want to go back and read all the books in the Hope s Crossing series I ve read a few books by RaeAnne Thayne and found them to be enjoyable but this is by far the best book I ve read from her She has grown in leaps and bounds as an author Don t wait for the holidays to read this the message this book delivers doesn t need a time of year to define it A copy of the book was provided by Harleuin via NetGalley

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Download Christmas in Snowflake Canyon ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Verwaande Genevieve Beaumont de dochter van de burgemeester Hoe kan het dan dat hij zich zo heeft laten meeslepen Zodat hij nu in een politiewagen zit op weg naar het bureau vastgeketend aan GenevieveOké dat akkefietje in de kroeg was niet echt handig Genevieve geeft het toe Haar taakstraf is op zich best te doen ker. By RaeAnne ThaynePublished By Harleuin HNAge Recommended AdultReviewed By Arlena DeanRating 5Series Hope s Crossing 6ReviewChristmas In Snowflake Canyon by RaeAnne Thayne was a wonderful Christmas romance that once I started it I couldn t put it down until the end This author did some job with the retelling of the Beauty and the Beast fairytale with Genevieve Beaumont being the Beauty and Dylan Caine being the beast This was definitely a story of a sensitive portrayal of severely injured people that were both personal emotional and physically hurt For Dylan who had gone off to war and come back broken and not only in spiritfor he had lost his eye and hand in Afghanistan We will see that Dylan s family of five older brothers a sister and father who wants him to get out and socialize but he is not really for that Then their was Genevieve who was the mayor daughter of back from Paris trying to get over her fianc who had two timed hernow back home due to parents callnow trying to fix up and sell her grandmother home We will find that well is Genevieve Beaumont the cold hearted bitch we though she was Guess what happens when they are both end up at Hopes Crossing When Dylan and Genevieve had met this wasn t a happy meeting now having to serve some community service at the Wounded Warriors and this is where this story really picks up We findand this is where I say you must pick up Christmas in Snowflake Canyon to see how this author brings it to its all out to her readers You will find this a well written script and I think is the ending to this Hopes Crossing series You will find from this novel will truly touch your heart from the beginning till the end You will see where people can change if they have the mind to as in the case of Genevieve who would have believed it of her from previous series I really enjoyed how this author was able to give us a inside view of the Wounded Warriors Program that was simply beautiful and so very touching All of the characters were so fantastically well developed and so very captivating leaving me only to say Wowwhat a amazing read that I would recommend

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Download Christmas in Snowflake Canyon ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Stbomen versieren in de vakantiehuisjes van veteranencentrum A Warrior's Hope Ware het niet dat ze daarbij moet samenwerken met Dylan die haar duidelijk als een verwend prinsesje ziet Terwijl zij hem op een of andere manier juist onweerstaanbaar sexy vindt Maar wacht eens bestaat er niet zoiets als de magie van Kerstm. 45 Solid StarsI got a copy of this book from the publisher through netgalley in exchange of an honest reviewIt s been a hectic week around here with Christmas on the horizon I was actually excited to get a few hours of reading here and there It wasn t much but it gave me enough to finish Christmas in Snowflake Canyon my first book by ThayneI know it s book six in the series but Christmas in Snowflake Canyon can actually be read as a stand alone I had no problem with the characters nor did it feel like I walked into the middle of a movie I really enjoyed Thayne s characters and writingGenevieve Beaumont is back in town after living in Paris for a while She comes from a wealthy family and grew up having everything she could ask for until her father decides to cut her off when she refuses to marry the man who openly cheated on her with a younger woman and got her pregnant Now she is back in Hope s Crossing and working on fixing her grandmother s old house in hopes of putting it on the marketDylan is the town s war hero a war veteran that has lost a part of his arm below the elbow and one of his eyes when a mission went very wrong He comes with a full package of a brooding man with survivors guilt who has a hard time adjusting to his home in Hope s Crossing When Genevieve get s into a fight at the bar over Christmas songs and Dylan steps in to rescue her he doesn t expect to be carted off to jail and slapped with 100 hours of community service along side the beautiful but perfect Genevieve BeaumontSuch a sweet story I have to admit it started a bit on a slow side for me but once I got into the story I had a difficult time putting it down I have the biggest soft spot for military men and Dylan was just wonderful Yes he comes with a lot of problems he doesn t think his perfect and has a hard time dealing with the fact that he lost a couple of things back in Afghanistan But beneath the surface the man really does have a heart of gold I couldn t help but root for the both of them it was so touching to watch just how much Genevieve has changed I would never have liked her myself if I had met her before she came back from Paris and started rebuilding her life She had taken advantage of the fact that she had money but when things got stripped away from her she came out as a strong and independent woman who was just in search of her real selfI adored the fact that Genevieve fell in love with Dylan s heart and accepted the stubborn man with his flaws and imperfections inside and out It really was touching that a woman like her could look past what he had lost and even at one part of the book has helped similar military man in needWonderful story beautiful one for Christmas time Thayne really made me think with this one I think if you really fall in love with the person on the inside it shouldn t matter how they look on the outside If the person got hurt after you fell in love and is now disabled it melts your heart when their partner stands by them because their love is that strong that the two can in fact survive anything life throws at them

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