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The Year After Journal Read ¼ 104 A guided journal to help in recovery from sexual violence Whether you are a recent sexual assault survivor or looking to deepen your healing after many years this guide is set up to help you A stand alone companion to Ashley Warner's award winning memoir The Yea. Interesting way of going about healing from something that s really tragic to a person Don t think this was exactly what I thought it was going to be nor do I have much hope in it being helpful but hey who knowsThanks for the giveaway and I look forward to attempting to keep up with this and work with it

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The Year After Journal Read ¼ 104 R After Journal provides information inspiration and guidance through a process of trauma recovery to a life of greater freedom empowerment and joy Included are daily writing prompts plenty of space for journaling creative arts exercises and essays that draw fro. Thankfully I didn t need this book to recover from a personal experience That being said I am in therapy for other issues and I did find this workbook to be extremely helpful and insightful on this delicate matter It is a good tool to help work through a traumatic experience It teaches us that we have to be patient with the healing process and we need to be kind to ourselves It s a great tool with lots of room to journal and lots of inspiration

Read & Download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Û Ashley Warner

The Year After Journal Read ¼ 104 M Ashley's personal evolution in the aftermath of rape and professional experience as a psychotherapist A moving antidote to the sense of isolation so freuently felt by survivors The Year After Journal is a trusty confidante and engaging agent for hope and chang. I received this book for free through Goodreads Giveaways As always an honest reviewThe Year After Journal is a great tool to use in the recovery from rape I think it would be very beneficial for survivors of any type of sexual violence or trauma in general The journal is set up with each 2 page spread constituting a week The user adds in the dates so each week can really be any length of time This entire journal is easily customized to the user which is very helpful Each entry starts with the prompt of I feel which is helpful for me to pinpoint what I m feeling Following this there s a vague prompt for each day of journaling I found these just specific enough to give me that push and direction if needed but vague enough to let me guide my journey within this journal I appreciated the numerous lined blank pages for intensive journaling At the end of each week there s several blank pages These can be used to explore a topic further or use the uote provided if you need a bit of direction The author included some of her story and things that helped during her recovery Overall I found this recovery journal very helpful In my opinion it s not meant to replace therapy but it s definitely a great accompaniment I really liked that the journal is created with sexual assault survivors in mind The prompts and format are vague enough that it really allows the user to go at his or her own pace helping them to truly make this recovery journal their own Edit I just found out the author is a mental health professional with experience as a trauma specialist which makes sense since it s so well written for sexual assault survivors This makes me think even highly of this journal knowing the author has so much professional experience on the topic

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  • 02 October 2019
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