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review Ö eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ A.J. Drenth A.J. Drenth ☆ 8 Download review My True Type Alternate cover edition for ASIN B00LKRXH8EIt is hard to overstate the value and importance of knowing who you are After all who you understand yourself to be your sense of self and identity influences everything; it is the compass we use to navigate life Your personality type is an integral part of who you are Knowing and understanding your type eg INFP can bring confidence and direction in your life's path But like countless others you may be unsure of your true type perhaps feeling “stuck in the middle” between two or three typesMy True Type was carefully researched and written to address these issues It will euip you with the knowledge. It s hard to know where to start with this book loaned to me by a colleague trained in the MBTI who dabbles in visiting websites that purport to say something about personality type usually an umbrella term for Jung s theory of psychological types the theory s interpreter and measurer in Isabel Briggs Myers and associated though non Jungian ideas such as David Keirsey s temperaments or models like the ones proposed by Harold Grant and John Beebe the last two s order of type preferences being a core part of this text although neither appear referencedI should state at this point that I taught authorised courses on the MBTI and the MajorsPTi over a 20 year period and have researched written and presented in this area for over 25 years This probably excludes me from the market for this book which will become apparent anywayThe author who claims a doctorate without indicating the specialty operates out of a site called personalityJunkiecom where you can also compare INFJ with INFP and INTJ with INTP both of which i have looked at my colleague prefers INFP These comparisons have done the rounds with a selected very few people in a local type group all formally ualified in type to general astonishment and bewilderment ie much didn t make sense and much was simply incorrect at least for this group What I mean by that is that the presumptions of these documents may actually be compatible with a particular age and social group and particular behaviours which are linked to those parameters I couldn t find anyone of these 4 types to remotely agree with what was suggested but maybe we re too oldThe above is intended as background to engaging with this bookPersonality Type for want of a better term is one of those things where the basics appear very simple and so various kinds of people go online or get into print so you can find the right type partner for a relationship for instance a somewhat dubious activity which treats type labels as determinant of specific behaviours not Jung s idea or Isabel Myers for that matter Of course if you re writing a book on type you don t necessarily have to be guided by the pastDrenth gives some indication that the past has been consulted with some interesting texts referenced albeit a little scattered Robert Kagan is listed as an author of a book by Jerome Kagan unfortunately There s a paragraph that comes from Jung but otherwise what he says doesn t really make an appearance The author tells us that he was conflicted in his type until it was clarified for him and that he identifies as a writer an important part of his life This is obviously a good thing but regrettably I found his style hard going which may be because there was much to disagree with with particular behaviour claims and theoretical statements For instance he doesn t think Feeling has anything to do with values notwithstanding the labelling system he s using claims that as a distinction between feeling states emotions and feeling judgement The book has a uestionnaire at the end notwithstanding he decries instruments and uestionnaires Jerome Kagan has a good argument on this and David Keirsey was also opposed for different reasons although he made up his own uestionnaire to get his book publishedLooking at type uestionnaires is an excellent way to find out how accurate they are The Humanmetrics uestionnaire for instance has clear biases that if you know what you re looking for exclude it as an accurate measure The uestionnaire in this book also online mentions emotion in than one place which on its own excludes it from credibility at least as far as Jung Myers and others are concerned It s a fundamental Some of the uestions appear lifted from the MBTI although they re general statements To me hardly any of the statements are answerable This may relate to a limited understanding of English or that the sample group use this language Introversion is also presented as pathological which is interestingAs I mentioned earlier Drenth uses the order of functions introduced separately by Grant and Beebe for their separate reasons To me an ourcome of using this model which I don t think is the aim of the latter person is that personality is concretised and every function is conscious This may not have been the intention of this author but to me it comes out clearly in the text making it a behaviourist tome than anything else The nuance of Jung and even Myers in her unpublished writing in particular is missedAt this point I should acknowledge that I couldn t bring myself to finish the book it became too stressful Not only was my own type misrepresented INTP but the descriptions of the other types were mostly dubious and didn t reflect by any means the people I d encountered and taught over the years in several countries and a broad range of ages and educational and work achievements Of course I may be living in the wrong place at the wrong timeI can t give this book a rating sorry I think it s misleading and inaccurate and should be rethought for the benefit of those who read such things I m sure the author and his entourage are not intending to deceive anyone and are honest in their enterprise as they see it but maybe they should use different labels and not claim to be associated with Jung Myers et alIt s several months since I looked at this book but I dd look at it again for this review on the date indicated

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review Ö eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ A.J. Drenth A.J. Drenth ☆ 8 Download review My True Type And skills reuired to clarify and better understand your personality type preferences and functions If you really want to know yourself better and gain clarity in your life this book is for you Some of its main features include• Type Clarifier Assessment This brand new personality inventory is composed of two parts Part I is designed to clarify your personality preferences E I S N T F J P while Part II focuses on clarifying your functions Se Si Ne Ni Te Ti Fe Fi Instructions are then provided for integrating these results in order to identify your true type • Numerous tips and strategies for identifying and clarifying your type• In depth. This is an excellently written bookMain stream media has picked up personality typing and unfortunately has oversimplified it I for one did not know about the orientation of functions How for example feelers can differ greatly in how they experience feeling based on the stack position and orientation Perhaps this is why I always have been uncomfortable about typing This book has made it easy to understand MBTI without compromising its nuancesGreat book for people who have little prior knowledge about typing like me

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review Ö eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ A.J. Drenth A.J. Drenth ☆ 8 Download review My True Type Analyses of each of the personality preferences and functions • Identification of and explanations for common “mistypings” eg introverts mistyping as extraverts etc• Clear explanations of type theory including the nuts and bolts of the functional stack and how the preferences link up with the functionsThe book also addresses a number of “freuently asked uestions” such as• Can my personality type change over time• Is it possible to be an “x type” to have no true preference at all eg ExFP• Are some types or functions “right brained” or “left brained”• How does gender affect personality type especially T F difference. Very helpful in helping me understand some things about the MBTI I was uncertain about

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