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Summary The Sword of Honour Trilogy

Free read ó The Sword of Honour Trilogy This trilogy of novels about World War II largely based on his own experiences as an army officer is the crowning achievement of Evelyn Waugh's career Its central character is Guy Crouchback head of an ancient but decayed Catholic family who at first discovers

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Free read ó The Sword of Honour Trilogy New purpose in the challenge to defend Christian values against Nazi barbarism but then gradually finds the complexities and cruelties of war too much for him Yet though often somber the Sword of Honour trilogy is also a brilliant comedy peopled by the fantas Waugh s Final WordsEssentially this is Waugh s swansong three novels about the adventures of his uasi autobiographical hero Guy Crouchback in the Second World War gathered together by him and edited into a single volume at the end of his life This is a compendium of my separate reviews of the individual volumes as I read them followed by a brief consideration of the Trilogy as a whole Men at Arms 1952 suggested Evelyn Waugh s Sword of Honour trilogy the novel seuence that crowned the author s career as something of similar interest to Anthony Powell s Dance to the Music of Time which I am engaged on currently Whereas Powell covers three decades in twelve volumes Waugh treats half a decade in three a fiction distilled from his own checkered experiences as a somewhat older officer in the Second World War

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Free read ó The Sword of Honour Trilogy Tic figures so familiar from Waugh's early satires The deepest pleasures these novels afford come from observing a great satiric writer employ his gifts with extraordinary subtlety delicacy and human feeling for purposes that are ultimately anything but satiri In my opinion the masterwork of 20th century English fiction Brideshead lent itself to million dollar TV adaptation but the books Men At Arms Officers And Gentlemen and Unconditional Surrender are almost too good for TV or screen There was a fine and now lost TV version in the 60s with Edward Woodward as Crouchback and host of character actors including Ronald Fraser as Apthorpe playing the supporting parts and an all too brief 2001 version for TV with Daniel craig as Crouchback The nuances the subtleties the acute observations of English social niceties and the bitterness that unites and divides us are almost impossible to portray on screen In terms of characterisation Crouchback is almost but not uite a non entity He bestrides the novel almost as a catalyst for all the other characters to react