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  • Paperback
  • 456
  • La sostanza del male
  • Luca D'Andrea
  • Italian
  • 17 February 2018
  • 9788806221003

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La sostanza del male Summary ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Jeremiah Salinger è un giovane autore televisivo newyorkese che insieme alla moglie Annelise si è trasferito per un periodo a Siebenhoch il piccolo centro del Sud Tirolo dove lei è cresciuta Con loro c'è la precoce figlia Clara di cinue anni Affascinato dalla montagne e dalla gente che vi abita Salinger comincia a realizzare un factual sul soccorso Initially something wasn t sitting with me uite right I decided to give it my usual fifty pages but then I continued to read and realized that it just has a very slow start but picks up momentum The narrator a documentary film maker called Salinger moves his small family from New York to his wife s hometown in the Dolomite mountains of Northeastern Italy where the inhabitants are Austrian than Italian Salinger has a tragic accident and suffers from PTSD as a result He learns about three students who were gruesomely murdered in 1985 at the Bletterbach Gorge These murders were never solved so as a way of overcoming his trauma Salinger goes on a mission to create a documentary film by solving these horrifying crimes This is no easy task for an outsider living in a reticent close knit community And off we goSalinger is a flawed but self aware character and his relationship with his daughter is endearing although this precocious five year old comes across as a miniature adult Speaking of flaws there are a few scenes that could have been cut by an editor with a sharp blue pencil On the positive side the Bletterbach Gorge becomes a character and positively exudes evil And the ending surprised me

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La sostanza del male

La sostanza del male Summary ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Alpino ma nel corso delle riprese viene coinvolto in un pauroso incidente Mentre cerca in ogni modo di dimenticare la sua esperienza traumatica viene a sapere per caso di un fatto sanguinoso risalente a molti anni prima il massacro di tre giovani avvenuto durante un'escursione nella gola del Bletterbach Il delitto non ha un colpevole e in paese nessun 510What better time to read a book set in a mountainous region than when you re actually in the mountains yourself Admittedly it was a different region but still what s the difference between the Alps and the Dolomites They ve both got pointy bits and bad weatherI was hoping for an interesting mystery set in a small mountain village set over the decades but what I got felt like a cheap copy of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo only this wasn t written anywhere near as well as that The murder mystery is mildly interesting and teased early on as you learn about the narrator s history and how he s in the mountains and a terrible accident he was in Then it just becomes a rinse and repeat of main character looks into something new wifelocalangry fake policeman tell him to stop promises to stop main character can t help himself and thenlooks into something new I grew tired of it by the end and was happy to just find out who it was even though it was revealed a couple of times to be different people only for a Scooby Doo type finally I truly think they d have got away with it if it wasn t for those meddling kids The characters were nothing special and never fleshed out enough to care the writing was pretty weak overall but not the worst so did make it a uick read Some of this could be down to the translation but that s probably doing the translator a disservice as I d never be able to read a book in Italian I received a free copy for review from NetGalley

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La sostanza del male Summary ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free O vuole parlarne forse perché il solo pensarci potrebbe risuscitarne l'orrore o forse perché sono in tanti ad avere ualcosa da nascondere Nonostante l'ostilità crescente che lo circonda e l'opposizione di Annelise Salinger si mette a scavare nel passato penetrando sempre più a fondo nella vicenda Fino a scoprire l'imprevedibile terrificante verità Jan 2018 My Book Box selectionD Andrea does a very good job with setting and atmosphere It s just that the women are either virgins or whores soley there to be a plot point for the men in the book The narrator s wife does not have a full fledged conversation with him until half way in and seems solely there to be servicing the main character who does not fly as an American What American would describe his friend s face as being bruised so it looked like the Scottish flag And the big reveal makes no sense on so many different levels