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Read & Download Ú eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Þ Peter Sichrovsky Peter Sichrovsky Þ 8 Summary Born Guilty Children of Nazi Families Summary ´ 108 Portrayed the lives of the children of Jewish victims living in Germany and Austria today here turns his attention to the children of the perpetrators His penetrating and often moving interviews with the sons and daughters of Nazis some famous some not convey perhaps as never before the painful struggle to accept and come to terms with the terrible burden of their parents' guil A friend recommends this to me a couple of months ago but I didn t pick up this book until this morning It amazed me and it s not a book can be judged by that somewhat tedious title but the best interview collection about the post WWII German life and attitude I have ever readWhat stuns me most is everything talked and presented in this book cannot be viewed simply as some German issues or Nazi issues and such impression will be obvious if you are a fan of psychoanalysis It s not a book you might expect about the children and their Nazi families or about how uniuely the Nazi family issues cast shadow in their life because as a matter of fact all the issues all the confusion and complexes here can be understood by anyone who has the same type of family problems under the name of Nazi it can do harm under the name of peace and love will be the same names matter little what matters most is the family and culture mode It reminds me of things argued by Melanie Klein but I am willingly to uote Sigmund Freud here from his The Future of an Illusion when talking about young people who believe themselves have been brought up in kindness and taught to have a high opinion of reason and who have experienced the benefits of civilization at an early age will have a different attitude to it means what is believed by their predecessors and they will be able to do without coercion and will differ little from their leaders However If no culture has so far produced human masses of such a uality it is because no culture has yet devised regulations which will influence men in this way and in particular from childhood onwardsThat s perhaps one of the reasons why people who interviewed in this book found their lives in so much pain difficulties irritation frustration and depressions they want to be different from parents or some family members but willingly or not consciously or not they are always part of them there is no way out like it or not And it s not a problem of certain age or group but a universal issues When adapting one s life from an family realm into the society outside it s always a struggle of civilization that one has to undertake Some of them dealt with it relatively ok though not without pain and doubt like Anna and Susanne alters the rolecomplex from a daughter to a mother and Werner that chapter brought me to tears his step grandfather is such an awesome guy some people s life helplessly and hopelessly sinks into stagnation caught by the fixation of childhood shadows like Rudolf it pains me to read his narration When talking about parenting is hard it s not about emphasizing that parents are exhausted from what they are ought to do as parents or their hard life like a victim I work so hard I ve been through so much but the responsibility that one s influence inevitably become part of their children s fate one must be very cautious and caring Playing victim is never about good parenting but to evade one s responsibility no matter this responsibility is among the realm of one s social role or family ties It s often than not that the reader will find those people interviewed by Peter Sichrovsky are prone to identifying themselves to their parent imago in some degree especially the victim part Most of the parents talked in this book have one thing in common they live in the past either in pride and privation or in gravely fear and cowardliness It s a life attitude of stagnation and regression and inevitably most of the children in fact clawed by it and some of them even have to carry on with new or diverse regressive attitude of a life getting stuck for such pathological parent imago is too strong One of a powerful break up revealing is from the chapter Monika the Believer which I will just leave it here I took everything they said seriously and I was taken in by it But in the final analysis the pretended warmth the pleas the stress on family ties was nothing but a sum total of regulation and norms not of personal valuesI know what I have in common with them And I wasn t able to change to make myself over until I stopped thinking of them as victims I also saw myself as the victim of their upbringing and their pastI ll update later perhaps

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Read & Download Ú eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Þ Peter Sichrovsky Peter Sichrovsky Þ 8 Summary Born Guilty Children of Nazi Families Summary ´ 108 When this remarkable book was first published in Germany it created an immediate sensation and small wonder For in Born Guilty Peter Sichrovsky has confronted head on the issue of war guilt at the most personal level he has talked to the children and grandchildren of former Nazi war criminals in order to find out how they have dealt with this burden of inherited guiltWhat did t I read this book as an author looking for inspiration for a character who is the son of an official in an oppressive government I m also a history enthusiast with a special interest in WWII and the aftermath it left in Germany Austria Poland etc Born Guilty was simultaneously different from any other WWII account I ve read and much the same as all the rest It was different in that the interviews were conducted with people who were born after the war They re not speaking about the war the war crimes or the conditions during the war from first hand experience Instead they relate the impact the war had on their parents their family mindset and structure and their own perspective on recent historySimilarly to other books there s an underlying tone of bitterness and hurt War and atrocity is not a once and done happening The ripple effect continues long afterThere is some mild language and sexual content in this book It s been a while since I read Parallel Journeys but from what I do remember you should be fine with this if you ve read thatOverall I found this an interesting and thoughtful uick read and it did provide me with some inspiration for developing my character

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Read & Download Ú eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Þ Peter Sichrovsky Peter Sichrovsky Þ 8 Summary Born Guilty Children of Nazi Families Summary ´ 108 Hey really know about their parents' wartime activities and how did they find out More deeply how did they react as suspicions hardened into certain knowledge with rejection understanding or confusion And how will they transmit this knowledge to their own childrenPeter Sichrovsky a distinguished Austrian journalist whose widely acclaimed Strangers in Their Own Land sensitively In this thin book carried a very heavy past First time I get to know how these next generation of Nazi officers we usually focus on war victims but we forgot that these people in the books are also victims victims from the crimes that were not commit by themselvesSome refused to talk about it so refuse to admit they had such parents as Jews murderers So just openly stood against their own parents lived with guiltI think we need to remind ourselves about this very dark period of time not just WWII Same mass murders still happening in small or big scales We need to drag ourselves our of the mud of accusing who is to blame the point in how failed the humanity and how we lost the rationality I look back at what happened in Taiwan in China in most Asian countries Japanese government still refused Nan kin Massacre ever happened China refused to admitted Mao was a mass murderer in Taiwan same people throwing mud each year about how KMT killed innocent people but not looking at the way to heal the wound of past should be than that Facing the mistakes of past discussing in depth to understand why the background and environment at that time caused people behaved certain ways Burying the past without talking about it or facing the truth won t help the humanity on the contrary we might repeat the same mistakes if war happen again I am glad such a book was written and specially written by a Jewish bravobelow are some paragraphs i found worth keeping for myself 1930 1933

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