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Summary ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ Elizabeth Power Elizabeth Power ↠ 2 Review Read Seed of Vengeance N's outrageous terms but it wasn't her life that was at stake She had no choice but to agree to his proposal of marriage and the honeymoon and any other dem. I like angst but Too much internal heroine thinkingmopingbrooding Way too insecure and neurotic I wanted to kick this wet chick and tell her to DO somethingNo coherent hero POV What there was a 20 something year old determined to marry and breed a 17 year old did not appeal And what kind of alpha male needs revenge cuz a teenager rejected him WussBoth of them seemed content to let the other think the worst of them and then got hurtindignantsnarky when that s exactly what happenedI never understood why the heroine just didn t tell him when she was 17 that she was infertile except then there would be no storyCould have been improved if we were shown before the very last chapter that the hero actually loved her Some happytender scenes would ve been niceOther possible improvements action less bouncing around in the heroine s head Fewer run on sentencesNot sure I would try another EP if this is her typical writing style And I m glad I swapped this baby away

Summary ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ Elizabeth PowerSeed of Vengeance

Summary ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ Elizabeth Power Elizabeth Power ↠ 2 Review Read Seed of Vengeance Ands he cared to makeThen she vowed the day Rafe cleared her father's name she would drop her bombshell Fine plans only she hadn't counted on falling in lov. This is a classic vintage romance My favourite kind of romance with a dominant alpha male who is smitten and a virgin who is not stupid like some women in other books Much chemistry and passion in the book Elizabeth Power s writing is so good I will look if there are Harleuin books to her name The woman has a soft heart for animals I like that a lot

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Summary ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ Elizabeth Power Elizabeth Power ↠ 2 Review Read Seed of Vengeance His terms were nonnegotiableIf you want to help him you're going to have to marry me first Rafe stipulatedErica would rather have died than meet Rafe Camero. The big mis coulda been resolved w 4 li l words I can t have babies but then we wouldn t have this li l gem now would we Well Erica actually can conceive but it s a slim chance due to her medical condition After her operation her surgeon dashed her hopes of having offspring When HH 1st met she s only 17 an heiress The book opens 5 years later w a trial Erica s dad s being accused of stealing the formula for a new miracle migraine drug Her dad has a weak heart so time is the essence Rafe shows up tells Erica that he can save her dad cuz his late dad has documentation that proves Erica s dad is indeed the formula inventor but Erica will have to marry Rafe in exchange for the life saving records He s bent on revenge cuz he had proposed to her 5 years ago mistakenly concluded that Erica didn t wanna marry him cuz she thought he s beneath her thanx to Erica s step mom who told Rafe the big whopper the stepmom conveniently died afterwards Erica is still smarting years after finding Rafe in flagrante delicto w her stepmom Both HH harbor seeds of bitterness but now Erica is hella desperate to reverse her dad s misfortune Rafe has the upper hand She reluctantly gets hitched to Rafe soon gets preggers Rafe is consumed w jealousy cuz there s another rival for Erica s heart an ambitious up comer who works for Erica s dad There s another Mediterranean chick whom Erica suspects has had the hawtz for her hubby she finds a hidden memento adding layers of anguish on the tautly strung dwama When Rafe popped the uestion to Erica 5 years ago she couldn t bring herself to come clean w him bout her medical condition cuz she luved him too much he had mentioned he wanted to have lotsa kids w her Now Rafe impregnates Erica in the hopes that this is how he can keep her w him make her fall in luv w him He thinks that Erica doesn t wanna have a baby When she sheds tears after a long awaited luvmaking session due to Rafe s self imposed celibacy cuz he doesn t wanna jeopardize the pregnancy he puts 2 2 together unfortunately comes up w 22 it enrages him that he suspects she s imagining herself making luv to her ex not Rafe Of course by the end we get the humbled hero who tries to act honorably to atone for his sins by letting wife baby go w the stipulation that he ll have a say in their bundle of joy s future upbringing They finally realize that they ve been hurting unnecessarily things coulda worked out if they d opened up in the 1st place The book has the right amount of angst HH fight a lot but they don t go overboard w cruel words sanity defying deeds U can feel the underlying sensual awareness between em as they bicker drown in mutual passion The HH are mature individuals it s refreshing to see that career wise they re both earners Rafe is no longer inferior to her financially Their mutual longing is palpable but conveying how they feel is an uphill battle They re still vulnerable cuz they didn t part ways amicably 5 years ago There are still unresolved issues Rafe is alpha but a caring possessive one he s not rotten to the core Despite all his dire threats he s a decent man He can be uite cold when provoked into putting his guards up cuz he s a prideful man a go getter The tormented HH have an arsenal of retorts that they use to the max but unbeknownst to them they both have 1 thing in common to make the other fall in luv all over again This is another re readable keeper I ve luved her writing style eversince the unusual Terms of possession I wish I could find her entire backlist cuz I m on a uest to find everything she s ever penned On a side note it s interesting that the hero s last name is Cameron which is the 1st name of the hero in Terms of possession both heroes impregnate heroines w less than honorable intentions but end up falling in luv Must be EP s fav name Oh I also appreciated that Rafe has a tightly controlled temper doesn t smack Erica around cuz I often can t fathom why authors feel the need to pour tension dwamatic conflict to the story w the reuisite bitch slap remorseless hero blaming heroine in the aftermath there s plenty of walls that can be punched covered w paintings to hide the evidence Sometimes a good ol romance like this is than sufficient

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