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characters Necrotech SINless #1 ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB characters ó eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ´ K.C. Alexander free read Necrotech SINless #1 Tween her and salvation Riko is going to have to fight meaner work smarter and push harder than she’s ever had to And that’s just to make it through the dayFile Under Science Fiction Viral Hitman | Renegade | Nano Shock | Swear On Your Life. Angry Robot has had a way of rewarding us readers with the new and the unexpected when it comes to genre fiction fantasy or science fiction Books that break current boundaries set the stratospheric new heights and also define new sub genres in that process giving us fiction we didn t know we needed Necrotech is the prime shining example of good things to have come out of that process Rebelliously ridiculously good things that rank definitely up there among the best Re defining the scope and boundaries of cyberpunk science fiction thrillers I cannot believe this is a debut I cannot believe K C Alexander hasn t written a book before If this is Chuck Wendig writing under a false pen name I wouldn t be surprised But heck no he s written a glowing endorsement for every foul word that has fountained from under that pen So if you loved Miriam Black series then you will love Rikko The female protagonist whom you will choose to love or hate but just cannot get out of your hair Snarky from deep inside to outer core shockingly violent and as free and foul mouthed a person can ever be She wears her sexuality like a badge doesn t really distinguish between a girl or a guy but just folds it unto her designs to get to her goals with a personality that doesn t win points for being polite or even remotely like able it s a wonder how Rikko gets called up for jobs on the street And what job do you ask She s a splatter specialist in the street Something like an obstacle remover or assassin perhaps In this world where tech integration into your body is an essential way of living religion is just a way to ease up your conscience at the end of bad day and the environmental degradation has forced humanity to seek refuge in Mega cities a bad day for Rikko means she ends up with her memory slate wiped clean watches her lovergirl friend get turned into a tech zombie where the tech or AI sneaks over and takes control of the body through her mind bidding her do ghastly stuff and her reputation on the street goes for a toss she s branded a traitor to the cause of having sold out and abandoned her entire team for money Second book that uses amnesia as a plot device in this month that I m reading but both couldn t have been any different Necrotech is like the eruption of MtFuji drowning you in scalding lava and yet forcing you to suck it up and keep moving forward It s explosive and it s raw KC s writing is like a solid right and left hook combo that leaves you breathless Pacy as hell an engrossing mystery brewing beneath all that blood gore and curses flying all around that kept me hooked to the end The ruthless futuristic world that Rikko is a part of comes alive in a glorious manner throughout the story the tech enhancements the nano tech that helps heal your body the genetic experiments are messy So most characters are characters of color so yeah a lot of diversity here and the names for me distinctly sounded like a mangled up version of Indian names Krouper Kapoor Mallik Nanjali the world itself minus the ozone layer being burned away and prolonged exposure leading to cancer It s all effortlessly a part of the narrative without standing out and I thought this was absolutely cool Coming to the characters of course Rikko stood out First person narrative that allows the readers to get up close and personal insider her flawed and angry head Rikko is an intense character that will overwhelm you With her eruption of feelings and anger issues she s not the most suavest savviest person in the book Nope that title belongs to Mallik cool cucumber Reed but that only made her appealing to me But along with Rikko there were other shining stars Starting with Indigo the linker on her team who s supposed to be the brains of all operations and guide the team on their mission as he s plugged into the information highway and accesses every info bit available about such wasn t the strongest or the coolest around But the raw anguish of having lost his sister to the Necrotech and his mammoth trust issues with Rikko makes for a brilliant characterization Mallik Reed the corporate connect for Rikko who decides to fund roll this new operation for Rikko to uncover her memories and thus the mystery of what really happened to her and her girlfriend now he is a sinister cat alright Ice cool temperament and nerves of steel this guy is someone you don t want on the opposite side of the ring This definitely reads like the first part of a series and therein lies the only grouch I had No payoffs at the end of this book for the mystery Oh we get teasers alright and it only makes life harder There are dangerous glints that can lead off into the speculation alleys but I will rein it in It s a book that you should read Satisfying that massive itch about hard hitting cyberpunk you never knew you had Truly an unexpected pleasure this year

characters ó eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ´ K.C. AlexanderNecrotech SINless #1

characters Necrotech SINless #1 ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB characters ó eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ´ K.C. Alexander free read Necrotech SINless #1 Or regulation where fusing tech and flesh can mean a killing edge or a killer conversion a massive conspiracy is unfolding that will alter the course of the human condition forever With corporate meatheads on her ass and a necro tech blight be. Necrotech updates 80s style neon and street attitude cyberpunk for the 21st century This is cyberpunk with an emphasis on the punk It s in your face unapologetic no holds barred asskickery If you love the Miriam Black books you ll love Necrotech Velvet Submission Club Velvet Ice #3 is unfolding that will alter the course of the human condition forever With corporate meatheads on her ass and a necro tech blight be. Necrotech updates 80s style neon and street attitude cyberpunk for the 21st century This Oil Painting is cyberpunk with an emphasis on the punk It s Putin's Russia in your face unapologetic no holds barred asskickery If you love the Miriam Black books you ll love Necrotech

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characters Necrotech SINless #1 ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB characters ó eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ´ K.C. Alexander free read Necrotech SINless #1 Street thug Riko has some serious issues memories wiped reputation tanked girlfriend turned into a tech fueled zombie And the only people who can help are the mercenaries who think she screwed them overIn an apathetic society devoid of ethics. Review originally posted at my blog Silicon of the Internet Title Necrotech Author K C Alexander Genre Sci Fi Subgenre CyberpunkTranshumanist sci fiReview by SiliconIntro HOLY SHIT To say I enjoyed this book would be a massive understatement Do you like ass kicking foul mouthed shit starting heroines Fast paced plots that just don t stop the punches Human tech integration with ACTUAL CONSEUENCES and uniue dangersPublication date is September 1st for ebook UK September 6th for North AmericaThis is an honest review in exchange for an ARC Yes I really did like it THIS MUCH Plot Writing Style The plot of Necrotech is one wild rideThe major conflict in the story centers around Riko s girlfriend who is turned into a tech zombie necrotech following events that implicate Riko herself and which she cannot remember Complicating the issue is her girlfriend s brother who Riko must work with if she s to figure out what happened The complicated messy relationships between characters in this book is a real strength of the storytelling I really liked how Riko is clearly a person who loves is attracted to many people and how HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS is a central theme conflict for everyone Deciding who to trust who to betray who to save makes up a big part of how everyone interactsShit just keeps hitting the fan Everything Riko does to try and fix the situation has conseuences positive and negative The world of the story is tightly integrated and Alexander does a great job giving us essential information through action seuences and really keeping tension up the whole time This is a first person POV book so when Riko doesn t know something we don t either It s tough to make this work with an amnesia driven central conflict but I think it was well done Amnesia isn t my favorite plot device but for this story it worked If you see this XKCD and think I d like to read that You will enjoy Necrotech This is one of the fastest paced books I ve read which packs punches both physical and emotional Setting Humanity has become concentrated in cosmopolitan mega cities due to massive environmental degradation whee it s the future and depends on nanotechnology to surviveThe way tech and humanity is integrated in this novel is really uniue I liked the way that tech upgrades came with a significant danger and cost the possibility of being overwhelmed by your tech s needs and becoming a mere vessel for it to operate Very creepy I think the way that tech and environment meshed was well thought out and has interesting implications for example nanotech removes the possibility of cancer so people pulse themselves with straight radiation to disinfect the extremely dubious water coming out of their showers People can connect and talk to one another through tech based psionics wired into their brains but this comes at the cost of also being constantly assaulted with visual and aural advertisementsIt s a very dystopian post climate crisis environment and a very interesting use of universal nanotechnology Characters Yessssss Riko She s the bestRiko beats people up she swears loudly and freuently she screws up and pulls herself to her feet again she asks for help when she needs it and powers through when she doesn t She s a FORCE She s the kind of heroine I ve wanted to read for a long time but rarely actually GET Usually when you have protags like this they end up needing A MAN to come save them somehow Riko is self sufficient and would probably significantly fuck you up if you suggested that She needs help but she doesn t need to be savedI really enjoyed how flawed and human K C Alexander writes Riko She s not an emotionless machine She cares for people and for her reputation When she screws up and hurts someone else she feels guilt and regret Sometimes she screws up BECAUSE she feels so guilty it makes her rash and punch something she shouldn t Riko has fears and joys that are just so centrally REAL that she really comes alive off the page Plus I deeply enjoyed watching her beat her enemies up I would not want to get in this woman s way She s not the most conniving or intelligent character on the page and THAT S OKAY That s better than okay actually it shows how she has significant challenges to face that she genuinely needs others forThere s a great variety in characters presented in this book who are all very different yet need each other to survive and solve problems Diversity Riko has had a long and sometimes complicated love life and is bisexual LGBT rep is casual and inclusive in this novel and I really appreciated that We freuently see Riko make passes at both men and women throughout the story and there s absolutely no fanfare or big deal made out of who she s attracted to by any other characterRiko is an amputee who uses a prosthetic metal forearm and hand In a lot of SFF loss of a limb is often swiftly compensated by something that functions the same if not better However while Riko s arm definitely is advanced tech it s not the same as if she d never lost the arm It feeds data back to Riko in a series of statistics about whatever it s touching and she must interpret them rather than feeling as she does with her other hand It has drawbacks and strengths that play uniuely into how Riko navigates the world I felt this was excellently doneGenetics is messy in the world of Necrotech People can take pills containing genetic material from other human ethnic groups which augment their abilities and change their physical appearanceWhile this makes it complicated to evaluate racial diversity in the book I was very happy with the many characters of color we got to see and who play important roles This is definitely not one of those the future is white type scifi books I was happy with the diversity in this book Conclusion You need this damn book There s a longish excerpt posted here by BN if you want to see for yourself If you don t like swearing you won t like this book but you d also probably not be reading my blog SO READ THIS BOOK