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Download æ Videogames for Humans 109 O visions of breeding crustacean horses in a dystopian future the Twine movement to date has created space for those who have previously been voiceless within games culture to tell their own stories as well as to invent new visions outside of traditional channels of commerceVideogames for Humans curated and introduced by Twine author a. Such a uniue book a cool idea Personally am familiar with Twine as a medium so the format was easily accessible to me which is great because there are so many diverse insightful perspectives from both the authors of the games the contributors Really wonderful mix that shows both the possibilities of Twine the range of people who play make themThough I do have a physical copy of the book I found it easier to read on my phone something about the stories originally existing in a digital space might ve contributed to my preference I think This also made it easier to read in sections game by game a little at a timeFavorite were SABBAT by Eva Problems as played by Imogen Binnie Removed by Aevee Bee as played by Lydia Neon Your Lover Has Turned into a Flock of Birds by Miranda Simon as played by Bryan Reid Austin Walker s playthrough of There Ought to be a Word Electro Primitive Girl by Sloan as played by Aevee Bee Really good book of essays Feel like i really got something out of everything I read

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Download æ Videogames for Humans 109 Nd games theorist merritt kopas puts Twine authors literary writers and games critics into conversation with one another’s work reacting to elaborating on and being affected by the same The result is an unprecedented kind of book about video games one that will jump start the discussions that will define the games culture of tomorrow. A really great way to acuaint yourself with what s being done in Twine games a series of combination playthroughessays that allow you to see the text from the games themselves as well as someone s thoughts and experiences while playing What the book showcases most of all is the personal side to these creations and the relationship that emerges between the writer and player each time things that you see far less often with big commercial gaming Highly recommended if you re interested in text adventures and absolutely necessary if you want to write them

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Download æ Videogames for Humans 109 Behind the fluorescent veil of modern big business video games a uiet revolution is happening and it’s centered on a tool called Twine Taken up by nontraditional game authors to describe distinctly nontraditional subjects from struggles with depression explorations of ueer identity and analyses of the world of modern sex and dating t. 1 IntroductionLate 2012 and early 2013 was an extraordinarily exciting period for me I started for the first time to feel like I was a part of something The ueer games scene covered by videogame outlets might not have been as cohesive as some accounts supposed but for a little under a year it definitely felt real We were telling new stories in new ways stories that were not just unheard of as subjects for videogames which they certainly were but rare in any medium We were writing about messy lives on the economic and social margins of society about the complexities of embodiment and community about our grotesue cyberpunk dreams and gay pulp fantasiesThings fell apart as they often do in tightly knit passionate communities of artistic people with few resources especially when those people are all also friends lovers or something in between But that period was intensely generative launching a number of authors into visibility and recognition and solidifying the reputations of others When the burst of activity around Twine during this time ended it didn t just fizzle out it left marks on literary and independent videogames communitiesTwine games ended up on college syllabi technical resources piled up for those wanting to play with variations on the form and even the relatively small amount of journalistic and critical attention paid to some prominent Twine works raised the profile of the tool to a new level When Richard Hofmeier winner of the 2013 Independent Game Festival s grand prize award for his game Cart Life defaced his own booth and replaced his game s demo with Twine author Porpentine s well received game Howling Dogs it became impossible to ignore the importance of Twine to independent games2 scarfmemory by Michael Brough played by Anna Anthropy bus reaches the stop finally better take all your stufftake hat gloves scarf backpack bag of foodokay lets go all of the items here are links big blue letters except for scarf which sits between them small and white and naked unclickable this is storytelling right here just through how the text is labelledin older puzzle focused text games the player develops a sort of instinct of upon reaching a new place immediately grabbing everything that s not nailed down and taking it with you you never know when you might need that hairpin to pick the lock on a treasure chest at this point you want to alter history i want to make michael take his scarf but my inability to is already a forgone conclusion i wonder how many times michael played out this scene in his head willing himself in memory to just take the scarf the player s doing the same thing right nowthere s a photo of a pile of stuff on the desk michael s coat michael s gloves his scarf can be seen orange and blue in the pilewhen i click on something to take its name vanishes from the screen ultimately leaving the word scarf behind untakeable alone hat gloves backpack bag of food okay let s goyou re sitting on a different bus in a different time and placehow much of life is spent moving from one place to another how much of lifeit doesn t matter it doesn t have to be wasted time you can read a book knit something think deeply look out at the view talk to friendsmaybe in the future these things will have internet connections too clicking on knit draws me through an entire internal dialogue as michael goes back and forth about whether he should learn to knit this game is all about transitions michael knits his scarf as a way to deal with travel he loses his scarf while travelling a scarf is a transitional piece of clothing you wear it when you re between places because it s too warm to wear it inside for michael his scarf is a way in which he takes ownership of the time of his life he spends out of control of it the time he spends travelling but travelling ultimately takes it back3 Depression uest by Zoe uinn played by Toni Pizza You open your front door and stare at your apartment An overwhelming feeling of exhaustion overcomes you and you feel like your energy levels are low enough that you ll likely settle into a single activity tonightWhat do you do1 Just shake off your bad mood and do something fun for the rest of the evening2 Reach out to someone close to you3 Don t burden anyone with your problems Distract yourself Fine I ll take the only choice that is there Don t burden anyoneWhat you really want than anything is to turn your brain off and just disappear for a while You sink resignedly into your couch and start playing videogames but you can t seem to focus on what s happening on screen You cycle through a few different games but tonight everything seems either too tedious or too aggravating for you to play for than a few minutes A few of your online friends invite you to play a game with them but the prospect of having to talk let alone cooperate with other people seems incredibly unpleasant You decide to give the videogames a rest for the evening though you worry that you ve offended your online friends and your next conversation will be awkward because of it giving you yet another source of stress to weigh down on you tonight 4 I m Fine by Rokashi Edwards played by John BrindleThe best illustration of this writing is also most telling difference between these games Depression uest begins with a lengthy paratext setting out with trigger warnings and links to mental health resources its aims its content and its omissions The writers explain that they have amalgamated the real experiences of several people and tried to include as broad a range as possible They re careful to ualify the game s relation to reality saying that it won t reflect everyone s perspective They also say that they want to help people who don t have depression understand what it s like This comes across in the writing which works to order and express the counter intuitive spirals of depression in a way which can be understood from outside themI m Fine does not come off like an amalgamation It s aggressively specific locked into the mind of one person It isn t committed to a representative paradigm and doesn t show any interest in hitting the key points It doesn t really care about being accessible to muggles either it s not trying to translate It is what it is it jumps right in and it comes on as thick and strong and bleak as difficult as a person might in the thick of this shit I m not passing judgement on the artistic goals of either of these games because both have their reasons to be But the contrast between how hard D works to be polished and accessible and how hostile and uncompromising I found my first try of I m Fine could not be instructive This is a game which fully inhabits its topic It remains inside trapped in the loops and there s no way to do that without being alienating for some

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