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  • 28 November 2017
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Creeping Waves Free download ¾ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Where is the real Leeds How does one get there Is it floating on the air words and music you can almost reach out and grab like wriggling worms of sound and ether Is it in the carnival that seethes under the corrupted church drawing the lost along shadowy corridors and through the strangely angled Funhouse doors to the place. When Creeping Waves came out I noticed two things it is a substantially longer collection than Bartlett s debut Gateways to Abomination and the New England town of Leeds with its evil radio station WXXT and black magic occult were once again the focus I wondered if there was still enough of Leeds to explore in a whole new book About 20 pages in I decided that yes indeed there was Creeping Waves is as disturbing darkly humorous and under your skin getting as its predecessor And it s still as uniue and unlike most other stuff being published as everThere are differences Bartlett uses a wider range at times as seen in Rangel one of a handful of stories that are much longer and explore an emotional arc with a poignant grace that s touching amidst all the blackened satanic dread Another longer story is cleverly cut up and interspersed throughout the book in which a former cult leader enlists help in ridding Leeds of a vast evil I found myself looking forward to the next mini episode of this story as I continued through the book Taken with the impressive number of extremely entertaining vignettes in this book there s still that Gateways flavor of madness But Bartlett shows of his skills here and further earns his status as an inventive clever and very talented writer who always has something up his sleeve that s worth keeping tabs on I m already looking forward to

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Creeping Waves Free download ¾ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Where the city fathers perform secret rites with the goat headed masters of the dark Do you seek the Real Leeds Venture out to a secluded spot turn on your radio and spin that dial down to the murky low numbers somewhere just around 879 That music that voice calling on the edge of static and distortion it might lead you to. This was ok Just ok The preceding book Gateways to Abomination was a home run that was delicious in its portrayal of cosmic evil In this book the author seemed way interested in funny horror so it s much Welcome to Night Vale than Lovecraft Talk amongst yourselves I ll give you a topic comic horror is neither comical nor horrifying Discuss Some of the stories were ok but the shocking imagery became extremely repetitive after awhile Couple that with the fact that nearly every story ended with some open ended variant of Then I saw something bewildering and scary It opened its mouth and began to speak and you have a seuel that does not live up to the promise of its predecessor Doubtful I ll read this again or any subseuent books in this series for that matter Disappointing I wish I had my 399 back

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Creeping Waves Free download ¾ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook That blasted and damned path toward the Real and Truest heart of Leeds Massachusetts This is WXXT It's the witching hour when shadows take wing and nightmares stalk Turn your radio up Point your antennas to the infinite sky And stay tuned for Weather on the Sixes WXXT The bubbling blisters on the tongue of the Pioneer Valley. I fell on this collection of short stories after reading Gateways to Abomination This is the euivalent to me of punk in horror and a middle finger in the most respectful sense raised to well almost everything I admire the energy and the absence of a safety catch I think of George Battaille and William Burroughs than I do of most horror writers that I have read though with a dusting of Ligotti and Samuels Funny and ghastly by turns Not weird for the sake of it but compulsively grotesue because of something that matters to the writer where the good stuff comes from