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The Devil's Due review ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ali Vali ´ 7 review Er but Anthony Curtis is still a threat who has disappeared as effectively as the Luis family once did The Casey alliance with the Jatibon and Carlotti families is strong but there are new and old enemies as well as the ever present FBI that are w I freaking loved this bookIncompetent leadership unreliable leaders organized crime violent betrayal but nothing can prevent Cain to expand her empire A vivid outstanding suspenseful and emotional story of the Casey family about the rise and fall of her competitors and everything that happened around her I really enjoyed the contrast between Cain s good and bad side I admire her undying love and loyalty for her family Her lifestyle is uestionable but her protectiveness is heartwarming She is my hero And Emma as always is a sweet beautiful woman with a heart of gold and perfect for Cain She is her rock As expected and hoped for it is action packed and it never does slow down I was constantly sitting on the edge of my seat This is the sixth masterpiece in this series and I hate it that I now have to wait for the next part

Summary ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ´ Ali Vali

The Devil's Due

The Devil's Due review ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ali Vali ´ 7 review Orking to bring Cain downAll this weighs on Cain as she tries to come to terms with the addition to her family she never thought was possible A daughter her father never knew about means a sister Cain now knows exists and must now come to terms wi Another wonderful book in the series

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The Devil's Due review ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ali Vali ´ 7 review In the sixth book of the Devil Series Cain and Emma are now married and have returned to a Katrina ravaged New Orleans to await the birth of their third child Cain’s wedding gift to Emma was peace of mind with the death of Juan Luis and his moth I m a big fan of Vali and was happy to get my hands on this book I love her Cain series and this book didn t disappointI do want to make very clear if you have not read the other Cain books stop and read them before this book This is not a stand alone There is many characters with many side stories going on Even having read the first five books it took me a little while to remember who everyone was Thanks to Jade s review I uickly read the short Hell Fire that is in the book Girls With Guns It brings two new characters into the Cain universe This Cain book does repeat part of that novella but through Cains eyes You can read this book without reading Hell Fire but it will give you a better incite into Finley and Abigail the two new likeable characters I think Finley will be a good edition to the Cain books Lastly I would consider reading Calling the Dead after you finish this book Even though that book was written in 2008 the timeline fits in with this book It s a great look at the character of Sept Vali teases the big case she is working on in this book Calling the Dead is about that case and uite a good bookWhen it comes to the book I really enjoyed it It is a classic Cain book and I was happy to have a lot of loose ends finally tied up I really don t want to talk about the plot since it would be too easy to spoil it I will say Cain and Emma have to deal with a foe they didn t really see coming Plus we finally get to find out about the new Cain baby There is lots of bad guys like always and a web Cain must find her way out ofI would suggest to anyone who has not read any Cain books do yourself a favor and grab book one They are all well written and different than any lesfic books out there If you are a fan of the Cain series grab this without hesitation I hope Vail will keep writing this series because I will keep reading An ARC was given to me from Bold Strokes Books for a honest review

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