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review Crimson Desert 103 Ow when everything had changed He lived and breathed the thrill of the chase and this time the end prize was too great to loseThis is a dark story where the taste for love and revenge clash in the most unforgiving ways. Again another unforgettable and amazing story This second part in the story of Aiden and Laila was 100% full on action from the first pageIn Little Doll Book 1 Laila goes off hunting for her missing brother Ethan Whilst hunting for him in San Diego she is captured and taken She then wakes to find she is bound and blindfolded in a van Once she knows of her surroundings She finds herself in a huge sprawling Mexican mansion Yet it s in this opulent home she finds she is actually a prisoner and a slave Whilst imprisoned in the home of the man who is known as guila to most people Laila is tortured and raped and prepared to be sold to someone who likes to do things much worse than the uila and his son Juan Yet

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review Crimson Desert 103 Ruthless Sons is Book Two in The Bittersweet Duet Little Doll Book One is essential to the development of the series Now back across the border LAILA realizes that all had not been as it seemed at the Florez mansion Le. 4 Solid Mafia Cartel Stars Loved this two part series by Melissa JaneInnocent female Laila looking for her brother Ethan The only family she has She ends up in the wrong place capturing the attention of the most cruel Mexican cartel members unbeknown to herShe ends up kidnapped by the notoriously drug dealers and traffickers Juan Hector They re seeking revenge and payment of stolen revenue Laila s innocent search for her brother lands her as a prisoner objected to the most horrible and degrading inhuman crimesIs her one saviour going to be Aidan Or is he just a mafia criminal liar playing games with her mind and heartIs her only destination to be sold as a sex slave or be killed due to her disobedienceThis t

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review Crimson Desert 103 Arning to trust the man she wanted dead was going to take time Time was not on her sideFor AIDEN the damage was done There was no going back Except for one thing revengeGiving up was never an option for JUAN Not even n. 45 StarsWhat an exhilarating journey This book picks up right where book one left off and keeps you glued to the pages until the very end Melissa Jane does an amazing job bringing this story to life It s filled with so much action and passion that leaves you sitting on the edge of your seatThe turn of events and how everything came to be was not something I was expecting Talk about getting that Oh shit moment from the beginning And then from there you re just pulled in I was so consumed with this story I was torn between reading slow to savor all the details and reading fast because I absolutely could not wait to see how it all played out I had knots in my stomach anticipating what was coming next L