Kate Mildenhall [read online] Skylarking

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  • Skylarking
  • Kate Mildenhall
  • English
  • 04 June 2019
  • 9781863958301

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Skylarking Free download · eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Review Ì eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ö Kate Mildenhall Kate Mildenhall Ö 7 Summary Kate and Harriet are best friends growing up together on an isolated Australian cape in the 1880s As daughters of the lighthouse keepers the two girls share everything until a fisherman McPhail arrives in their small community When Kate witnesses the desire t. This was a beautiful book to read the story of two young girls growing up in a very small community in Australia their lives their friendships and their lovesThe story is based on a true event a tragedy which occurred in 1887 at Cape St George The author has used many of the real names of the characters who were actually involved and then has spun a web of her own design to imagine how and why the event occurred She does it well I could feel for those poor girls and their familiesThe book is beautifully written hard to put down and full of fully fledged characters who make you keep reading to see what happens next I recommend it

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Skylarking Free download · eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Review Ì eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ö Kate Mildenhall Kate Mildenhall Ö 7 Summary Hat flares between him and Harriet she is torn by her feelings of envy and longing But one moment in McPhail’s hut will change the course of their lives forever Inspired by a true story Skylarking is a stunning debut novel about friendship love and loss one. Kate and Harriet had been best friends all their lives Kate s father was the head lighthouse keeper and Harriet s father was his assistant Together their families had lived through heat cold summers and winters on the isolated cape on the edge of the Australian coastline It was the 1880s and Kate and Harriet grew up knowing fun and laughter adventures and loveHarriet was two years older than Kate and suddenly Kate could see her friend was turning into a young woman She was at times jealous of Harriet s gentle curves until her own body began to change But it was when a new man arrived and took over the abandoned fishing cottage that tensions simmered Kate could see the looks shared between Harriet and McPhail and even though he was a good bit older than the girls he was a rugged attractive manWhen Harriet was seventeen she went to Melbourne to spend three months with an aunt Kate was so happy to see Harriet return she had missed her dreadfully and their adventurous spirits immediately took over once again But the course of events over one day was to change lives irrevocably Skylarking is the debut novel by Kate Mildenhall and wow what an exceptional journey she has taken the reader on Based on a true story it is set in Jervis Bay New South Wales in 1887 and takes place at Cape St George where there was a small community devoted to the upkeep and care of the lighthouse The Author s Note at the end of the book is very interesting and tells how the author came upon the story but don t read the Author s Note until the end as there are spoilers involved Highly recommended

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Skylarking Free download · eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Review Ì eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ö Kate Mildenhall Kate Mildenhall Ö 7 Summary That uestions what it is to remember and how tempting it can be to forget‘Kate Mildenhall’s impressive debut novel takes an historical case and re imagines it with such sensitivity and insight that we feel this must be how it truly happened’ Emily Bit. This first novel is inspired by the true story of two friends Kate Gibson and Harriet Parker They were the daughters of lighthouse keepers who grew up together in a small isolated community on the coast of Australia s Jervis Bay Territory late in the 19th centuryCertain facts are public record the story that underpins those facts is imaginedI love that this is a story of female friendship very firmly rooted in a particular time and a place that the author had taken time and trouble to understand And that it was told in one voice a voice that always rang true and that told the story from start to finish with no shifts in time and no digressionsThe younger of the two girls Kate tells her storyHer world is a small one and she only really knows the families of the other men who work at the lighthouse with her father There are a few fishermen who have settled nearby and just about make a living and there are native people who live a little further away but there is nobody else That makes the friendship between the two girls particularly preciousKate is bright bookish brave and loves to explore the world around her while she waits to grow up and have the kind of adventures and see the kind of places that she has only read about in books She is eager to explore every bit of the world open to her cliffs beaches grasslands but her friend lacks her natural agility and confidence and so she struggles to keep up and occasionally get into difficulties Harriet is calm uiet and much cautious and she dreams not of adventure but of a husband a home and a family of her own Even though the peppery scent of the scrub on that headland ran through my blood I knew that there must be other places that would thrill me And while I hoped that Harriet would be by my side as I ventured off into the great unknown I knew this was unlikely Where I had dreams of boats and pirates and coral island adventures Harriet saw a future of home and hearth The details of their world and their lives are uite beautifully drawn it is clear that that the author has researched and that she has understood and she has woven what she learned into the story she in a way that feels completely natural and right I had a lovely time watching the way the small community worked and all of the domestic details but for me it was when Kate was exploring her world that the story really sangI could pick up the sea saltiness in the air I could feel the breeze I could see grass and flowers give way to cliffs and the beach below I knew exactly how it felt to move through the world that Kate knew so wellAlthough I am on a different coast on the other side of the world it felt so like home and it brought this painting to mind Amanda Hoskin View of St Michael s Mount from the Fields A newcomer would unsettle the friendship between the two girls He was a young fisherman who came closer to the community around the lighthouse then others did Each girls is drawn to him but he responds to them and treats them uite differently Kate is jealous and Harriet is reluctant to talkThen her family sends Harriet to visit relations in Melbourne because they want her to meet people and see other possibilities before she makes any decisions about her future Kate is thrown into the company of the local boys and younger children and she misjudges situations and makes mistakesHer behaviour is far from laudable but I recognised her emotions and I understood her actionsTension grew and my head was full of uestions about what was happening what would happenThere were maybe too many uestions but that was at least in part because the facts that this story is spun around are difficult to explainI have to say that is a weakness but I also have to say that all the things she did well in the book the way she drew me into a world a community and a story tell me that Kate Mildenhall will write something uite wonderful when she finds the right story to tellI was captivated by this book and so I m hoping that one isn t too far away