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Download Drop the Ball 107 Tiffany Dufu È 7 Download Er and personal goals was an impossibility Eventually she discovered the solution letting go In Drop the Ball Dufu recounts how she learned to reevaluate expectations shrink her to do list and meaningfully engage the assistance of others freeing the space she needed to flourish at work and to develop deeper meaningful relationships at homeEven though women are half the workforce they still represent only eighteen per cent of the highest level leaders The reasons are obvious just as women reach middle management they are I really wanted this book to be a life changer much like The Japanese Art of Tidying Up was to me Alas this book was 90% straight up

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Download Drop the Ball 107 Tiffany Dufu È 7 Download A bold and inspiring memoir and manifesto from a renowned voice in the women's leadership movement who shows women how to cultivate the single skill they really need in order to thrive the ability to let go Once the poster girl for doing it all after she had her first child Tiffany Dufu struggled to accomplish everything she thought she needed to in order to succeed Like so many driven and talented women who have been brought up to believe that to have it all they must do it all Dufu began to feel that achieving her care I found this book disappointing probably due to the marketing as much as anything else I had seen this advertised as a measured resp

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Download Drop the Ball 107 Tiffany Dufu È 7 Download Also starting families Mounting responsibilities at work and home leave them with no bandwidth to do what will most lead to their success Offering new perspective on why the women's leadership movement has stalled and packed with actionable advice Tiffany Dufu's Drop the Ball urges women to embrace imperfection to expect less of themselves and from others only then can they focus on what they truly care about devote the necessary energy to achieving their real goals and create the type of rich rewarding life we all desir Drop the Ball is a how to guide on having it all based on Tiffany Dufu s experience with her husband I found myself as a modernyou

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  • 17 July 2019
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