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Josephine Ensign ò 3 free read free read ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB ò Josephine Ensign review Catching Homelessness 103 Hing Homelessness Ensign reflects on how this work has changed her and how her work has changed through the experience of being homeless providing a piercing look at the homelessness industry nursing and our country s health care safety n. Not sure what I was expecting a road map to homelessness This is an interesting memoir but fell short of my expectation how does one become homeless While several of the vignettes are insightful I was expecting My major take away is we are not making progress Much of what she describes in 1980s Richmond VA is still the case in 2018 Salt Lake Her focus is medical care I would ve like insight into housing and employment If at all interested in homelessness you won t be wasting your time reading this She s a good writer It s a worthwhile book just not what I expected Enjoy

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Josephine Ensign ò 3 free read free read ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB ò Josephine Ensign review Catching Homelessness 103 Lationships with patients and co workers her worldview was shattered and after losing her job family and house she became homeless herself She reconstructed her life with altered views on homelessness and on the health care system In Catc. There were a few standout sections like a brief one in which Ensign gives a cursory description of the political movements around homelessness on both sides and another in which she describes trying to keep her composure while treating a festering wound It was a semi interesting read but overall I found it lacking on two fronts 1 Ensign s writing did not seem introspective enough about her own experiences and choices I was left with many unanswered uestions regarding her family life the ways she conducted herself with patients and colleagues and her motivations She gives Cliff s Notes on her childhood and family which as they contribute to her own work life and homelessness feel lacking They must have been bigger influences than she shares here 2 There s a big uestion that Ensign touches on in the book but did not explore to my satisfaction and that s the pearls before swine metaphor she brings up that homeless will most likely always be with us and healthcare outcomes for these folks will always be disadvantaged She introduces it as a uestion of what kind of impact care is really doing for these folks or how much they appreciate it This is ripe territory as is the issue of provider burnout but these don t get the treatment they deserve I found the episode in which Ensign describes her own homeless as lacking too She has the rug pulled out from under her by a religiously zealous system for sure but she s upwardly mobile and highly trained Her writing doesn t really explore why she let things go and the ease of her decision to get out of homelessness as easily as that prompted by a medical issue for which she wants insurance is not self aware enough in a book mostly about treating folks who are persistently homeless This was a pleasant read Ensign has an easy straight forward style but it s missing some of the personal exploration and thoughtfulness I like from memoir

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Josephine Ensign ò 3 free read free read ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB ò Josephine Ensign review Catching Homelessness 103 At the beginning of the homelessness epidemic in the 1980s Josephine Ensign was a young white Southern Christian wife mother and nurse running a new medical clinic for the homeless in the heart of the South Through her work and intense re. It is hard to review this book as it is a very personal story in many ways That I don t feel I can comment on But the work she did with homeless people her humanity her honesty her struggles in working with this difficult population well I had nothing but admiration for her I was sorry that her struggles with her religion and her marriage caused her the problems that they did She still works in public health and has many years of working with the homeless to her credit Too bad that homelessness has only gotten worse in recent years