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All the Birds in the Sky review ¼ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook As adults they both wind up in near future San Francisco where Laurence is an engineering genius and Patricia works with a small band of other magici. All the Birds in the Sky is a trove of near misses and reads like a low budget bad action flick Among its flaws the book contains characters who lack depth children who talk like adults forced romance and a hollow plot lacking substance

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All the Birds in the Sky review ¼ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ans to secretly repair the world’s ever growing ailments But something is determined to bring them back together to either save the world or end it. Self awareness paradoxically reuires an awareness of the other A magical savant a super genius the world on the brink of eco apocalypse possible ways out or are the solutions as dangerous as the problem and young love What s not to like Laurence Amstead is your basic pre ad tech genius indulging in minor projects like inventing a two second time machine you can wear on your wrist and developing a chatty super computer in his spare time He is beset of course by the usual school bully sorts Patricia Delfine has similar issues based on a different way of being different Seems she can understand what animals are saying birds in particular She also manages a nifty bit of astral projection to follow a particular bird to a particular god like if delphic tree that gives her a riddle Fortunately they both attend the same school Patricia tries to engage her fellow outcast but he gets dickish on seeing her gift and wastes the chance at a connection Thankfully he thinks better before long and and extends a hand The usual sort of stupid parents see Laurence s social struggles at school as his fault rather than the result of a hostile environment and exile him to a cartoonishly awful military academy Charlie Jane Anders from SF WeeklyThere is a particularly dark hearted guidance counselor at their school who seems to have it in for both of them although it is not entirely clear why He persuades Patricia that the special tree wants her to do something dire Patricia is offered a chance to attend this book s version of Hogwarts But the offer comes at a price She will have to go immediately leaving Laurence in a bad situation What s a young witch to doThe story soon time warps ahead a decade plus Patricia is part of a family like witch pod Lawrence has been recruited by a super rich visionary with big plans The two groups personify the magic vs tech conflict fantasy coming up against sci fi The clash is set against the backdrop of a world that is falling apart or rather one that has been abused to the point of apocalypse Where the wand meets the wormhole is in their different approaches to how to deal Then there is the relationship between the adult well somewhat adult PL Will they line up on opposite sides of the impending crisis The on again off again nature of their connection continues which complicates things They take on some larger philosophical uestions made less theoretical by the tech notions on display things in our world are just the shadows of things in other places Laurence said forming the thought as he spoke I mean we always suspected that gravity was so weak in our world because most of it was in another dimension But what else Light Time Some of our emotions I mean the longer I live the I feel like the stuff I see and feel is like a tracing of the outline of the real stuff that s beyond our perceptions Like Plato s cave Patricia said Like Plato s cave Laurence agreed I don t know Patricia said I mean we re grown ups now Allegedly And we feel things less than we did when we were kids because we ve grown so much scar tissue or our senses have dulled I think it s probably healthy I mean little kids don t have to make decisions unless something s very wrong Maybe you can t make up your mind as easily if you feel too much You know There is a lot of creativity on display here particularly with the farther out tech elements and the softer edged magical bits This was probably a gimme given the author s previous main gig as a founder of io9 a website about science fiction science and futurism It is only one of her many activities Anders left io9 to dedicate herself to novel writing in 2016 Her stories have appeared in a range of sci fi and fantasy sites and publications and story collections She has a Hugo award for her novelette Six Months Three Days Definitely check out her site for detail on her prior work The imaginary bits are definitely a strength although I thought they fell a bit short in the logic of their tactical application The primary limitation was the YA ness of a story billed as adult It feels perfectly appropriate for there to be a YA tone in the early part of the book as the characters are pre ads But once they were grown up at least physically it felt to me despite the deadly tech being tossed about the body count and the sexuality of the characters that the YA feel remained Characters do engage in meaningful consideration of moral choices but they do that as pre teens as well so that did not represent that much of a change There was one hanging chad here that seemed to have readers in a tizzy Patricia has a cat that was left out of the proceedings once she skips from heading off to witch school to being all grown up Enough readers raised this that Anders wrote a story to patch up the gap You can catch Clover on torcomOverall I was impressed with the creativity and energy of All the Birds in the Sky combined with the eagerness to take on some big subjects but was not as impressed with the relationship elements as they continued to feel 8 bit when 128 bit was called for Still a fun read It probably helps to be a teen or millennialReview posted January 6 2017Publication date January 26 2016EXTRA STUFFLinks to the author s tumblr page There is a lot there Anders io9 site is definitely worth checking outThere is a lot of good intel on Anders in her wiki page

summary Í PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Charlie Jane Anders

All the Birds in the Sky review ¼ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Childhood friends Patricia Delfine a witch and Laurence Armstead a mad scientist parted ways under mysterious circumstances during middle school But. IndestructibleOr to put it in milder terms I just got ran over by a mac truckThis novel is just too important to miss whether or not you re into SF or Fantasy because it is both It s a long and delightful and REAL conversation between the two a heartfelt exploration and a synthesis a heartbreaking tale and a true wonderment of fictionI guess I kinda liked itIt s a lot than a magical realism novel and it s no experiment There s nothing unreadable about it and it doesn t have tons of clever word adornments From the start we re thrown into a futuristic society and a world full of fairytale or birdlike magic and we follow Laurence and Patricia in a long entwined tale of eual proportions and dialogue their uneasy alliance their estrangement and finally their enduring loveThis is all about us the readers too Science Fiction and Fantasy have gone through rough patches denigrating each other running from each other saying spiteful things to each other but in the end we re so much alike than anything else can be in the universe So whether you re a cyborg or a wizard know one thing We Are All The Same and We Are LovedDid I say this was a true book It goes way beyond just this dialogue I feel the heart of it pumping and changing the universe It s my New Favorite Book and it s not so much strange and powerful as it is deeply and profoundly hopeful and by everything that s holy I appreciate thatI bawled tears of joy and horror people No joke I sat in my chair and couldn t read from all the sobsFrom the very start the first hook I knew I was going to want to savour this novel and I did I m likely going to re read it many times and be filled with amazement and hope and joy even as I cringe at the young years or feel the Fear coming for the adult years It s brilliant and if there s any justice in the universe this novel needs to be one that EnduresAnd by the way this is already on my Hugo Picks for 2016

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