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Urban Allies Read é 104 Combining fictional worlds in one dual adventure each of these stories melds the talents of two high profile authors many working together for the first time giving readers a chance to see their favorite characters in an imaginative and fresh way Edited by acclaimed bestselling author Joseph Nassise who is also a contributor this outstanding collection showcases the brilliant storytelling talents of some of the most acclaimed fantasy writers working today among them seven New York Ti. Could not finish this book Only made it through 2 of 10 short stories before closing it and placing it far far away in a place I ll never be able to find it again Very disgruntled I recommend you read this book if you are into sorcery and magic and anti climatic drama thrillers

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Urban Allies Read é 104 In this impressive anthology 20 of today’s hottest urban fantasy writers including Charlaine Harris Jonathan Maberry Kelley Armstrong Larry Correia and C E Murphy are paired together in ten original stories featuring their favorite series charactersUrban Allies brings together beloved characters from two different urban fantasy series Peter Octavian and Dahlia Lynley Chivers Joanne Walker and Harper Blaine Joe Ledger and Agent Franks Sabina Kane and Ava in ten electrifying stories. Overall rating 363333 stars As of March 12 2018 anyway There is hope yet Pretty sure the rating will go down as I read stories in this collection and stuffPresentingthe Shaken Not Stirred Crappy Non Review SNTCNR In which I shall crappily non review the short stories in this collection in total disorder and complete randomness and stuff Gotta keep you on your toes the pincers you don t have my Little Barnacles What You didn t know you had toes Of course you do The fact that you are at the very bottom of the subauatic food chain doesn t mean you are lacking in the digiti pedis department you know But I ever so slightly digress Soooooo let s spin the Disorderly Random Wheel of Reviewing Doom DRWoRD and see what we get OoopsMarch 12 2018 Story Crossed Wires by Stephen Blackmoore and Jeff Somers Rating 389999 stars And a halfMy excuse for reading this one is that I am currently on the hunt for UF with male leads and recently added the Eric Carter series to my TBR and Eric Carter happens to be one of the MCs in this story so ED and stuffSurprisingly enough this story was also a winner which makes 2 out of 3 so far When the Crap Ratio CR for anthologiescollections like this one is usually off the charts Color me slightly flabbergasted and stuffSo Crossed Pincers Wires I thought view spoiler yes it happens sometimes Don t worry though it s only but a rare occurrence hide spoiler

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Urban Allies Read é 104 Mes bestselling authors two USA Today bestselling authors and multiple Bram Stoker Award winners Contributors include Charlaine Harris and Christopher Golden • Carrie Vaughn and Diana Rowland • Jonathan Maberry and Larry Correia • Kelley Armstrong and Seanan McGuire • Joe Nassise and Sam Witt • Steven Savile and Craig Schaefer • David Wellington and Weston Ochse • Stephen Blackmoore and Jeff Somers • Catie Murphy and Kat Richardson • Jaye Wells and Caitlin Kittredge. Anthology I read 8 of the 10 stories My rating average is 34375 stars so 35 stars This is higher than I thought it would be with a couple of the first stories I didn t care for The remaining stories redeemed the book A good Urban Fantasy anthology1 Caitlin Kittredge Jaye Wells Ladies Fight Skipped it I don t like Angel stories where they are portrayed as bad unless of course they re fallen angels Since the story started out with a remark about how the Angels and demons are in essence idiots I just stopped reading it Everybody has their no go books and these are mine No rating since I didn t read it 2 Seanan McGuire Kelley Armstrong Tailed CrypticWomen of Otherworld storyline It seemed a little disjointed but that may be because two authors wrote it I wish we knew what happened to the bad guys 3 stars3 Steven Savile Craig Schaefer Sweet Blissful Certainty Since I m not familiar with either author I couldn t really tell who wrote what The story was okay After the person was brought in there is a huge jump forward with the guy moving to another country and then we don t really see what the box held or why it hurt someone so bad Okay story 3 stars4 Joseph Nassise Sam Witt Pig Roast Okay got to the phrase Knights Templar and said Done I just cannot read any books with these characters or Arthurian characters either No rating because I didn t read it 5 Diana Rowland Carrie Vaughn Takes All Kinds Finally a great story They ve either been bad or mediocre so far This has Kitty and Angel meeting up by chance These two narratives blended seamlessly I just loved how they worked together to figure out who did it and how they both sighed because they could rip the bad guy apart Great story 5 stars6 Weston Ochse David Wellington The Lessons of Room 19 Really strange story about ghostskins that can become people you love or didn t love that much who died The part that bothered me is the guy is beating with a wire hanger the poop out of the ghostskin that has manifested as someone he doesn t want to see trying to get it to turn into someone he wants to see He s a special forces guy and to even think that he would go to the place where he thinks he should beat a living thing with a wire hanger until it tears apart is a psycho killer kind of act So I ended up having no sympathy for the guy when his story was explained The female rescuer was interesting though I wouldn t mind reading about her So just because of the female main character I m giving this story 3 stars 7 Charlaine Harris Christopher Golden Blood for Blood Another short story with Dahlia As an aside it seems that most of Charlaine Harris stories in anthologies are about Dahlia This one has her and a sorcerer named Peter looking for a half faehalf demon to take his blood They both get caught and now they have to not only escape but find that faedemon guy I enjoyed this story 4 stars 8 CE Murphy Kat Richardson Spite House I liked that Joanne Walker and Harper Blaine met but the story was just strange in a bad way Did the sisters really drown or not Why would finding death differently be enough to make them want to kill each other in the afterlife It was just weird 2 12 stars 9 Jeff Somers Stephen Black Crossed Wires Two men from parallel worlds try to stop a woman from killing people for their blood in order to gain power Okay story 3 stars 10 Larry Correia Jonathan Maberry Weaponized Hell This type of book is usually not my go to unless of course there is a strong woman somehow attached to the narrative However I ended up really liking this story Two men find and stop in any way possible monsters in the human and otherwise persuasion 4 stars