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free download á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook é Taylor Fitzpatrick Taylor Fitzpatrick é 0 characters read & download you could make a life Marc says his mouth twitchingIn hindsight Dan probably falls in love with him in that moment Marc laughing at him and with him all at once but it takes a little while to figure that out. Back in the summer I ve read Taylor Fitzpatrick s Thrown Off the Ice and I was left completely speechless TOTI is simply one of the best novels I ve ever read sad funny romantic and so very realGiven this precedent I approached You Could make a Life with some trepidation Will it be eually good Will I fall in love with the characters and the writing style The answer is yes I did love YCMAL and it did bring me heartwarming feelings and joy in an otherwise frightening period Perhaps I wasn t as blown away as with TOTI but this was a very rewarding read nonethelessDan and Marc are two lovely and well rounded MCs Dan was in my mind a sort of prototype for Mike Brouwer His incessant internal monologue the sarcasm through which he looks at the world around him really made me think of my beloved Mike Marc also presents some traits that were further developed in the character of Liam in TOTI He s cocky pretty much incapable of keeping his mouth shut but honest and steadfast Together Dan and Marc form a lovely match and the nicest aspect in the book for me was to see them work hard to protect their relationship from all the blows and shakes coming from the outside worldYCMAL is also infused with a lovely sense of humour Dan s remarks and the secondary characters from families to teammates provide levity and a sense of delightful awkwardness to the plotDiscovering Taylor Fitzpatrick has been one of the highlights of the past reading year for me she has constructed an AU of characters and stories that move in and out of books meet each other and expand in different directions Ah and she helped me become an ice hockey fan and being a lover and practitioner of figure skating I don t say this lightlyReally recommended and if you still can read You Could Make a Life before Thrown Off the Ice

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free download á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook é Taylor Fitzpatrick Taylor Fitzpatrick é 0 characters read & download you could make a life The first thing Dan says to him is “we’re in the NHL” because that’s how he’s been greeting anyone wearing a jersey and Marc Lapointe 'the future of the franchise' is wearing. DNF at 24% The book centers around rookies for the Leafs Dan Riley 18 and Marc Lapointe 18 I had to uit this book simply because I know on the first page that the book wouldn t be for me I couldn t connect with any of the character perhaps because of the POV or the way it was written but it just didn t work for me I didn t feel anything for it not the character because of the lack of connection I need connection There s also the fact that I didn t feel the chemistry between Dan and Marc Ugh Am I the only one who feels this wayRate No rating as I didn t finish it

free download á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook é Taylor Fitzpatrick

free download á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook é Taylor Fitzpatrick Taylor Fitzpatrick é 0 characters read & download you could make a life Dan's colours“I think you’re my new best friend” Dan says his excitement beating out common sense social filters the need to play it cool“It is nice to meet you new best friend. This is the story of Riley and Lapoint the couple mentioned offhand in Thrown Off the Ice as came out years ago They meet as young rookies in the NHL and their story is told in the voice of Dan Riley similar in style to the other book one of my top 10 for the year but different enough that I didn t feel like it echoed Mike and not just because of fewer f bombs Dan Riley is a grinder a hard worker who hovers on the edge of having NHL level talent He can make the team if someone gets hurt or the roster is a bit thin usually 4th line putting all his effort into it Marc Lapoint is a star talent the kind of rookie who could end up winning the Calder But it s Dan who knows how to connect with his teammates while Marc is odd a bit reclusive prone to seem aloof or spout than anyone wants to hear about obscure literature or films Their fellow players appreciate Marc s talent but only Dan wants to spend time with him And Dan has a hidden reason to want to be around Marc which has nothing to do with goals scored and everything to do with the way he laughs and the vulnerability he shows in rare moments and the shape of his ass But this is hockey Coming out is a scary thing even to one person who might maybe not be upset about it Dan isn t going to risk the new exciting NHL life he has with almost everything he ever wanted including Marc s friendship on a maybe He can find sex elsewhere but not a friend like MarcEven when they figure out that they are both gay things aren t simple Teammates and game pressures injuries and possible trades and the stress Dan feels of fighting every day to keep his place on the team make a relationship fraught with tension Marc is hard for Dan to figure out sometimes and Dan tends to make assumptions Marc is the one with the potential to become a star and Dan will be damned if he gets in the way of that There are many ways for the world to pull them apart This is real sometimes warm sometimes poignant with a HEA that isn t polished and perfect but a very plausible work and life in progress There s not the intensity of TOTI but it has two sympathetic main characters with some notable flaws who find in each other something so valuable they will risk the career they want most for each other I look forward to a reread

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