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characters Unnatural Causes ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF As the UK's top forensic pathologist Dr Richard Shepherd has spent a lifetime uncovering the secrets of the dead When death is sudden or unexplained it falls to Shepherd to establish the cause Each post mortem is a detective story in its own right and Shepherd has performed over 23000 of them Through his skill dedication and insight Dr Shephe. Because of the blurb and publicity I expected a book about Dr Richard Shepherd s career as the leading forensic pathologist in the UK So naturally when I get lyrical passages about soaring in a Cesna over Hungerfood I m thinking this book isn t for me When the author writes in detail about his childhood and the women in his father s life I m thinking I didn t sign up for this but it s an easy read and the writing improves after the initial overly descriptive prose Then just like that everything makes sense why the Cesna why the family so I m really into it I ve never had a book take so long to explain itself beforeThe book is an autobiography with a dual concentration of the author s home life and his professional life In both real life and the book he devotes far too much time and energy to his professional life He gets told so too but he can t get a grip on that I think a lot of men are like that and it s the women that hold the marriage and family together until eventually the children leave home and it all falls apart Dr Shepherd s case file as a forensic pathologist is very interesting Sometimes though he gets a bee in his bonnet as in a court case and it s a he said she said for many many pages it s a bit tedious but like everything else in the book you wait a while and you see why he s written it like that It s a very unusual way to put a book togetherI was most interested in his work after the Al aeda terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center He went to New York and worked there He said that one of the prime motivations to identify all the bodiesparts was that even though it would have been easier to have a mass grave they knew that the families of the victims could not bear the idea of these loved ones being buried along with the terrorists who d murdered them He flew out to Bali for the night club massacre also funded by Al aeda and the difference between the uiet dignity of the US with the bodies in refrigerated trucks neatly lined up the US flag and flowers at the entrance and Bali a single refrigerated truck and all the bodies bundled into bags and laid in the shade with ice from the supermarkets keeping them coolHe also wrote about Princess Diana s death I didn t know she didn t look very badly injured and was talking until she passed out and later died from a very very small rip in a vein in a lung that bled out inside her So it was interesting And when he got PTSD from the massacres from being accused himself of not being diligent over a baby s death he had been charges that hung over him for a long time before being dismissed I could see how his mental issues went right back to his childhoodSo all in all it the sum of its parts is 3 stars But taken as a whole it is an enjoyable and enlightening 5 star read and Dick Shepherd is a really nice guy and those who have him as a friend are really luckyTea why the book cannot be Americanised view spoiler Every discussion with the detectives or lawyers starts off with them all sitting down for a cup of tea If there is a break they have tea And afterwards they either have another cup of tea or go down to the pub for a pint You couldn t swap tea for coffee for a US market as they d all be buzzing on caffeine so much did they drink hide spoiler

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characters Unnatural Causes ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Rd solves the puzzle to answer our most pressing uestion how did this person dieFrom serial killer to natural disaster 'perfect murder' to freak accident Shepherd takes nothing for granted in pursuit of truth And while he's been involved in some of the most high profile cases of recent times it's often the less well known encounters that prov. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review When I saw this on Netgalley I was intrigued I was already reading a book on the concept of death and what comes after for bodies Stiff The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers so I was fascinated to read about the work of a pathologist in a world that still feels very inaccessible to the general public The book encompasses many famous cases that Richard Shepherd has been directly involved with during what could be called the golden age of pathology as well as examining the personal troubles pathologists may face in the course of their career My first thought while reading was just how human Richard Shepherd came across in his writing He treats his patients with obvious care and has a great passion for the profession and with passing that knowledge on It was lovely to read about an individual who actively seeks to improve their profession not only for their own benefit but for the greater good His writing certainly made the concept of post mortem acceptable and less scary or morbid I found the content itself rather mixed I think this is a result of the fact it was written over a long period of time and is full of information but unfortunately not all of it is that compelling I loved the chapters based around his work and cases which ranged from mass disasters like the Marchioness sinking to famous cases such as the Stephen Lawrence murder and Princess Diana These cases are often described uite clinically with a detached scientific approach of how the autopsies are carried out and the processes and agencies involved It s empathetic and to the point but without getting too personal The earlier sections also include some almost Sherlock Holmes style deductions to cases that helped determine what happened to the deceased which I really enjoyed However these become less freuent as the book progresses due to the changing nature of pathology as a profession and the introduction of DNA evidence There are also some truly heartbreaking chapters dedicated to the difficult and often controversial subject of child autopsies The subject is dealt with delicately with a range of cases explored while still managing to convey the emotional difficulties encountered by all involved I would say that the book does tend to jump from case to case uite rapidly sometimes disrupting the overall flow of the book As it progresses these examples of cases also become less freuent which was a shame as I found them so interesting However the latter half is compelling on a personal level as we see the harsher realities of experiencing so much death as well as the often unnerving cross examinations in court which can lead to self doubt and PTSD I personally would have preferred less focus on the author s private life as I was less interested in it however it does make him feel approachable A thoughtful insight into a closeted world that s told with obvious passion and extensive knowledge of the subject

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characters Unnatural Causes ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF E the most perplexing intriguing and even bizarre In or out of the public eye his evidence has put killers behind bars freed the innocent and turned open and shut cases on their headsBut a life in death bearing witness to some of humanity's darkest corners exacts a price and Shepherd doesn't flinch from counting the cost to him and his family. Reading about Dr Richard Shepard UK Pathologist was not banal Truly adored his utterly vivid description of the 911Twin Towers trailers filled with body parts and his flair for recognizing the distinct smell of burned bodies His cases are told to us rather void of emotion and in a style lacking melancholic variation in tone During his career in the United Kingdom and America performing over 23000 autopsies which includes Princess Diana called in when a suspicious or unexplained death occurred and then Dr Richard Shepherd was retained to painstakingly solve the enigma with eagle like focus reuired to solve a uestionable death Light reading is not found here Common uestions at the crime scene where at what range At what direction and could the wound be self inflicted Death or injury by others to gain attention and other Munchausen revelations are highlighted as well and old familiar patterns are explained Mercy too is given by Dr Shepherd Perhaps I wanted to view that horrifying thingcalled death Pathology was interesting but forensic pathology was medicine and then some I understood that unlike other pathologists the forensic pathologist does have patientshis patients are dead Richard Shepherd MD Unnatural Causes is tear inspiring shocking and sad Death and science showtell all His own personal sacrifices for his profession work with knives at the dinner table and almost missing an opera with his wife were just a few No doubt this British pathologist has flawless record of careadvocacy for those who can no longer ask for justice Brilliant

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