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Free download Windburn 100 Shannon Mayer õ 0 Free download Ing is as it seems and I'm uncertain who is friend or foe My impending punishment threatens to suffocate me as I defy our laws and fight to bring peace to my home and fight to keep those I love the dearest alive How will I get both my father and I out of this one unscathed Welcome to being The Chosen On. 25 starsThis book went downhill halfway through

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Free download Windburn 100 Shannon Mayer õ 0 Free download E the Rim is taken over by the bloodthirsty heir to the throne But the path to finding the King is anything but straight and I find myself in the human world facing possible banishment All to find a Tracker who happens to be on the run from a demon yet she is my only hope in bringing my father home Noth. Windburn to me felt like a book of transition There was so much going on this book that at one point I felt like I was being pulled in several different directionsWe start where Firestorm left off Lark has been tasked by her sister to look for their father Personally I would have left him to rot but Lark is made up of firmer stuff We are uickly thrown into the action but this time it s Lark Peta and Cactus Ash stays behind to give Lark a head start Blackbird is back and boy was I shocked when his identify was finally revealed No one is who they seem in this book and even the Mother Goddess was out of controlThe journey to find her father was not an easy one and in the end he s still an asshole of epic proportions But I m starting to see it s not all his fault and I can honestly say I HATED the Mother Goddess this time around Free will is but an illusionTom was hilarious and the Slyphs leave a lot to be desired I don t know which elemental family is worse They all seem self centered and vicious for no reason The take offense where none is really given and they lash out I don t know why Lark keeps trying to save them or why she feels bad when she can t I say kill them all but that s just me We also see why some things were the way they were in Blood of the Lost and everything is starting to come full circle I enjoyed meeting Elle and Bram and seeing a bit of them in Windburn Mrs Mayer can weave a story like no other still I just felt for all the transition a few things should have been fleshed out a bit to keep your head from spinning with how uickly things were bouncing aroundAll in all I am looking forward to book 5 and where these new developments will take us in Lark s journey

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Free download Windburn 100 Shannon Mayer õ 0 Free download My name is Larkspur and I am an ElementalMy people use the power of the earth to sustain life and defy our enemies I should be at my father's side as a royal princess But as a half breed bastard child that isn't going to happen The King is missing and his mind is cracked It is up to me to find him befor. Damn those love triangles I hate them She better choose Ash in the end not both or Cactus but ASHRate 253 2 stars