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Kao da me nema Read & Download ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Set in 1992 during the height of the Bosnian war S reveals one of the most horrifying aspects of any war the rape and torture of civilian women by occupying forces S is the story of a Bosnian woman in exile who has just given birth to an unwanted child one wi This was the first Drakulic I read and at the time I felt incapable of writing a review although I consider it both very well written as a novel and immensely important as a historical reflection on the routine of rape during wars There was a double reason why I could not put into words what I thought First of all I struggled with the closeness of the atrocious events both in a geographical and historical sense This book took me to a war in Europe during my own lifetime my teenage years and it contained the whole spectrum of innocent civilians suffering that I can hardly bear to witness from a distance when reading about World War Two for example The graphic description of rape and the information that there had been a routine of holding women hostage to use them as sexual slaves not that far away from where I spent my safe adolescence made a strong impact on me stronger than I had expected Now when the book is not haunting me as vividly any I find myself in the position to reflect on it calmly and to appreciate the important message about the incredible vulnerability of women in unstable societiesThe other reason why I had trouble with reviewing was that I felt I could not place the author properly The topic was so extreme the suffering described so harsh I could not imagine what her writing would look like if she chose a different subject Then a while ago I read A Guided Tour Through the Museum of Communism and was completely surprised by the wit and almost silly sense of humour displayed in the excellent short story collection I would never have expected to pick up a book by Drakulic and actually have a good lighthearted laugh not after my first encounter with her In a way that humorous approach to Communist rule made the pain of As if I Am Not There even tangible Both books however are similar in the way they describe how people suffer from an oppressive system that they can t escape either during a war or within a totalitarian political system They also show a variety of different characters reacting to the system using their individual survival skills So I thought that might be the recipe to Drakulic writing But then I started to read Marble Skin and I was again taken by surprise being catapulted into a brilliant opening describing a sculptress creation of a female marble body as an introduction to a dark inner journey to get to terms with her mother and her sexuality It feels like it is again an entirely new author I am trying out What a versatile storytellerI will continue to think about As If I Am Not There for a while but the contrast to the other novels gave it even depth pain and acute relevance than it had when I first stumbled upon itAnd I am curious to try the rest of Slavenka Drakulic oeuvre as well now definitely expecting to be surprised if I may say so well knowing that it is an oxymoron kind of

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Kao da me nema Read & Download ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Thout a country a name a father or a language Its birth only reminds her of an even grueling experience being repeatedly raped by Serbian soldiers in the women's room of a prison camp Through a series of flashbacks S relives the unspeakable crimes she has end Slavenka Drakulic born 1949 is a Croatian novelist sociologist and a journalist who writes mainly on women issues This is my opening sentence because when I picked up this book I asked myself Drakulic who and thought that this was a horror book Hmmm DrakulicDracula BosniaYugoslaviaTransylvania Enough KD Stop Must be the Halloween spirit This is a serious bookVery much indeed S A Novel About Balkans aka As If I Am Not There is about rape torture and sexual slavery of Muslim women during the Bosnian War 1992 1995 During that war the Serbian minority laid siege to Saravejo and began rounding up and massacring Bosnia s Muslim population Then the Serbian rebels transported the Muslim people into concentration camps and did the atrocities similar to those committed by Hitler in Europe during the holocaust Taking the scope or extent in terms of number of people aside the only difference between the two was that the Serbian rebels sexually molested the women including young Muslim girls German soldiers unfortunately or fortunately saw all Jews to be of lower class thus not worth sleeping with and not worth to bear their children There is a scene in this novel when the Serbian soldiers yes most rapes here were done by 2 3 men to one woman were raping a Muslim woman one of them said that when the baby comes out heshe is considered a Serbian which is a higher desired race compared to that of Muslim s Since this book is based on personal testimonies of several women who Drakulic interviewed as a journalist for a Croatian newspaper you would feel that the events are exact and sincere Being a journalist however you would not feel that you are reading a transcript of interviews or a history book Her prose has no allegory or philosophical musings but her emotion as a writer of women issues was captured emphatically on the flight of these poor marginalized Muslim womenThe protagonist name is simply S 30 yo single and an English teacher at Saravejo when she was cornered and brought to a Bosnian concentration camp She together with around 20 other women and some girls as young as 13 years old were kept in a woman s room as sex slaves This reminded me of the comfort women that the Japanese kept during WWII not only here in the Philippines but also in other Asian countries Those pigs S and other women got pregnant Since they hated all those who raped them of course they did not feel any love for the children they nurtured in their wombs They did not know what to to with the babies lying on their cribs at Stockholm s they were brought to Sweden when they were saved from Zagreb s concentration camp hospital I will not tell you what happened next as it is too much of a spoiler Suffice it to say that the novel did not just focus on the Serbian atrocities during the war but also in the dilemma of the women who got raped and had to bear the Serbian children This spin made this a different reading experience compared to the Holocaust novels that I ve read and liked so far such as those of Anne Frank s Ellie Wiesel s or Imre Kertesz sThis truly deserves its slot in the 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die list No doubt whatsoever

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Kao da me nema Read & Download ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ured and in telling her story timely strangely compelling and ultimately about survival depicts the darkest side of human nature during wartime S may very well be one of the strongest books about war you will ever read The writing is taut precise and masterfu A must read bookIt reminded me of movies such as Incendies Beanpole and Aurora Borealis Their murderers need to forget but their victims must not let them