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FREE DOWNLOAD Her Texas Family FREE DOWNLOAD Her Texas Family 107 Jill Lynn ä 7 FREE DOWNLOAD Me can't be said for the widower's daughter They uickly form a bond when Lucy begins teaching the little girl to dance Graham soon realizes how good Lucy is for his daughter and for him Yet his late wife's Jill Lynn does a fantastic job of creating characters you love and can connect with I loved how natural and three dimensional all the characters were experiencing true to life emotions growing as human beings and growing in their relationship with God Lucy is spunky independent and determined to help others have fun Her personality is one that draws you in and bonds you to her as if she were a living breathing woman I absolutely loved her energy for life and the fact you never knew what she was going to do next Graham is a wonderful attentive father with a sweet insecure side that tugs at your heart strings He is handsome and easy to fall in love with Mattie is a darling five year old girl who warms your heart as you watch her bloom into a carefree existence The story moved at a natural pace and kept you hooked from beginning to end As a reader you experience the struggles of each character as if they were your own growing with them as they discover God s will and His ability to overcome any situation The romance was just what every romance reader wants a dance of denying feelings the tug of attraction kisses that make you sigh in complete contentment I highly recommend Her Texas Family for any romance reader In fact I loved it so much I sought out the first book in the series Falling for Texas You won t regret purchasing this great readI received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion which you have just read

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Her Texas Family

FREE DOWNLOAD Her Texas Family FREE DOWNLOAD Her Texas Family 107 Jill Lynn ä 7 FREE DOWNLOAD Parents don't agree Their ultimatum to choose between them or Lucy fills Graham with despair He can't let his daughter lose her grandparentsbut he also can't lose the woman who could complete their family Looking for a fresh fun voice in Christian romance Jill Lynn is that voice Lucy Grayson arrives in Texas with a flat tire and a spunky carefree attitude the exact opposite of serious Graham Redmond Lucy happily fills in as the receptionist at Graham s doctor s office but her heart is invested in his sweet young daughter Lucy makes it her mission to bring fun into both their lives but Graham s guilt about his wife s death and meddling in laws threaten their future This book was a joy to read with witty banter lovable characters and emotional depth I highly recommend itI received an advance reader copy with no obligation to review it All opinions are my own

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FREE DOWNLOAD Her Texas Family FREE DOWNLOAD Her Texas Family 107 Jill Lynn ä 7 FREE DOWNLOAD Falling for the Single Dad Moving to a small Texas town Lucy Grayson is looking to live life on her own terms When she agrees to take a job in Doctor Graham Redmond's office the two instantly clash The sa So I m pretty sure I could happily read an entire series say 20 or so volumes of life with Graham and Lucy and never stop grinning in delight And then you add Mattie to the mix Heart Melted Yep I was a complete gonerLucy is a hoot Mattie is adorable And Graham dreamy sigh He s a serious single dad who feels deeply and loves deeply and misses his little girl when they re apart I melt and looks eually great in a tux or in jeans a casual shirt So basically keep that fainting couch nearby while reading Her Texas FamilyThis delightful story is infused with lots of wit and lots of THE FEELS at the same time I loved this juxtaposition and I loved how Jill Lynn wove it all together seamlessly The characters as I ve already touched on seem so real you might look for them in the grocery store or church just to say hi and catch up Because as I ve also already stated I NEED MOREOh and the kisses I can t forget to mention the kisses There are some GOOD kisses in here Fueled by some emotion battling and do the right thing inner struggle and hoarse voiced pleas for her to get out of the car before he kissed her GOOD kissesWarmth lingers on every word of this story The romance will steal your breath and the characters will steal your heart Jill Lynn s writing is a beautiful dance of wit charm and heart combined with the vivid personalities in Her Texas Family her latest offering is just what the doctor ordered The perfect choice for a weekend read You won t be able to stop smiling except maybe for those times when you re swooning or trying to breathe around the lump in your throat This is one of my favorite Love Inspired non Amish contemporaries so far and I m looking forward to books set in this universeI received a copy of this book in exchange for only my honest reviewSee my full review at Reading Is My SuperPower