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  • Let's Weigh the Evidence
  • Barry Burton
  • English
  • 22 September 2018
  • 9780937958179

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Let's Weigh the Evidence review ñ 3 It easy to understand why the King James is the only Bible you can trus. So what version of the Bible is the true Word of God Read this book and you ll come away with some facts you ll never forget

review Let's Weigh the EvidenceLet's Weigh the Evidence

Let's Weigh the Evidence review ñ 3 Rton explains the basic issues in the Bible version controversyand makes. Comparing the King James Version of the Bible with all other versions Asks the uestion Which Bible is the real Word of God

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Let's Weigh the Evidence review ñ 3 The Bible version issue made simple In simple layman's language Barry Bu. I am an avid reader of my KJV but wasn t always I was discipled by a woman while I was still using my catholic bible the New American Bible and was shocked that several important verses like acts 837 was omitted which caused me to do some research on my own I randomly picked a group of important words like hell heaven Lord sin devil God went to the blue letter bible app and was shocked at how many times these words are changed in other versions This book wasn t a shocker for me but for others I could see that it might be Would have liked to see info about the NIV since that is such a popular bible