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The Aeronaut

Bryan Young Ü 1 REVIEW REVIEW ´ The Aeronaut Their homeland or to prove something to themselves but Robert Preston has fled America and joined the French Army to escape heartbreak He's placed in the 5th Aeronautic Corps an elite unit of the French Army that specializes in jumping over trenches by means of jet packs It's a dangerous job. An interesting twist on steampunk and historic fiction this novel is a first hand account of a member of the French jet pack corps during the First World War Bryan has made both the technology and main character very believable The jet packs are large and somewhat unreliable and make their wearers a ready target for German gunfire In contrast while the main character is competent and constant he is forced to deal not only with the war around him but with his inner turmoil as well Throughout the writing is clear and detailed with the battle scenes being somewhat reminiscent of Heinlein s Starship Troopers


Bryan Young Ü 1 REVIEW REVIEW ´ The Aeronaut The Aeronaut is a tense story full of action espionage and romance set in an alternate version of World War I Computational machinery has allowed both sides to make great technological leaps that have made trench warfare even deadlier for the soldiers at the front Some men go to war to defend. From the death and destruction that life and war bring to the healing process and the parts that never uite heal The Aeronaut is an astounding piece of literature I cannot recommend enough It reads as the protagonist s final apology for a condition he could do little to control and the lives it destroyed Young carefully interlaces what is to come through out the text so subtly it demands multiple readings Every character from Preston and his central circle to his brief chance meetings are full and wondrous Sara the love of his lifetime inspires as much curiosity as the pair of intelligence men he spends a fraction of the time with and I am just as charmed by Jacue a pilot who appears for only a dozen pages as I am by his dearest friend LeBeau a character who comes second to only our protagonist The prose is steadfast unerring charged and at times simply endearing in short beautifully memorable Young does not flinch from the unsavory and terrifying details of war or love for that matter You can read Hemingway s influence clearly not merely in the adaptation of tone and plot but also in that you will assume Young lived this himself A stunning work of art

Bryan Young Ü 1 REVIEW

Bryan Young Ü 1 REVIEW REVIEW ´ The Aeronaut With a low survival rate but Preston is determined to make a difference Along the way he meets a man he'd call his best friend and a woman he'd call the love of his life but a top secret mission behind enemy lines and a heart full of jealousy threatens to tear the three of them apart forever. Top 10 of all timeMy son read this as a literary accompaniment to our history unit on the first world war This is what he has to say I am 12 and an avid reader This book is outstandingly good with a fair amount of suspense and drama It is violent and gory and gives a good perspective of the first world war

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