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Summary Tokens and Omens Jeri Baird ✓ 0 Download Tokens and Omens Download ð 100 Herself Now Fate has given them each a special gift Zander sees secrets he doesn’t want and Alexa's thrilled to find she can control events through her embroidery scenes After Zander and Alexa. The author of Tokens and Omens has created a wonderful coming of age story set in a world reminiscent of medieval times The small hamlet of Puck s Gulch is described in beautiful detail as are the characters Ms Baird has done a masterful job of interweaving the journeys of Zander and Alexa as they prepare for their uest This ritual is a test of all the sixteen year olds in the village given by the all seeing all knowing Fate who goes by the name Moira She can not be cheated During their Year of Magic each participant earns tokens for good behavior and omens for bad These bobbles will either help them survive or not Leading up the uest friendship are tested secrets are revealed and Zander and Alexa discover their actions truly have conseuences Ones that neither of them ever imagined As the group of sixteen year olds enter the gulch for their uest we wonder who will live and who will die And for those who make succeed will they prove themselves worthy of the destiny they desire or will Fate surprise them with her own choiceThe only way to discover the answers to these uestions is to join Alexa and Zander on their journey by reading this marvelous novel

Summary Tokens and Omens

Summary Tokens and Omens Jeri Baird ✓ 0 Download Tokens and Omens Download ð 100 Each earn a omen that makes surviving the uest nearly impossible they must break the rules and challenge Fate together If they don't one will die And Fate has made it clear she won't be cheated. Reading this book was a delightful experience I thoroughly enjoyed Tokens And Omens by Jeri Baird from the beginning to the point I am at now Since I have not finished it yet The blend of fantasy and realism is perfect It s great to find a book like this that hasn t even been published yet I give this book five stars mostly for it s creative plot and amazing cast But also because it was interesting enough to keep my attention This book also has a blend of a funny tone but serious at the same time Mostly because of the characters The conversations are hilarious because it even sounds like how a bunch of 16 year old s would talk A free copy of this book was given to my class for writing an honest review

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Summary Tokens and Omens Jeri Baird ✓ 0 Download Tokens and Omens Download ð 100 In Puck's Gulch sixteen year olds undergo a dangerous trial known as the uest During a time of magic Fate hands out tokens and omens based on their behavior Zander trusts Fate Alexa only trusts. TOKENS AND OMENS by Jeri Baird is the first book in an exciting new adventure fantasy series filled with secrets challenges and a uest for survivalThe sixteen year olds in a rural village spend months preparing for a dangerous rite of passage known as The uest During this time they receive tokens and omens based on their behavior Although the uest is intended to test individuals the teens soon discover that Fate may have something else in mind that has implications for the entire villageTold in alternating chapters through the eyes of two teens the story addresses thought provoking uestions about fate friendship and choices making the novel much than your typical fantasy fareLibrarians will find this fast paced fantasy popular with teens who enjoy Hunger Games along with the many other recent titles that incorporate uest and game components With well developed characters refreshing magic elements and believable world building features this book can stand alone However most readers will be looking forward to the next installment of this engaging young adult seriesTo learn about the author go to by Jolly Fish Press on July 19 2016 ARC courtesy of the publisher