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The Dragon Hammer Wulfs Saga #1 review Û 3 WULF'S SAGA BEGINSEvil from the dawn of time is on the verge of domination but Wulf von Dunstig figured none of that mattered to him What could he do about it After all he was basically nobody the sixteen year old. I had higher hopes for this The story was fairly predictable which made it a lot less exciting There was some really cool world building elements the whole elvesstardraugerdragon stuff but it fell a little flat to me I would have rather d the story from Ravenelle or Ursel s or Grer s pov because they were much dynamic and interesting characters Wulf was not a particularly interesting protagonist for a genre that already has a lot of young hetero males being given power that they didn t think was theirs and so they re just like why am I in charge Okay army follow me into battle Like cool that he reads and likes mythologysagas but also I kept forgetting that because it only came up when people were like what do we do and he would pull out a fun fact from a saga of something seemingly impossible but that they could take to make their decision Hahaha I don t think my disappointment is at all obvious in this review

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The Dragon Hammer Wulfs Saga #1 review Û 3 Third son of a duke destined for an uneventful life as a ranger But when destiny comes calling it turns out there is only Wulf to answer After a devastating invasion of his native land Wulf must rally the peaceful. The story was 5 stars great action lots of cool magic and charactersBut the writing was pretty bad in places It desperately needed one editorial go through in my opinion

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The Dragon Hammer Wulfs Saga #1 review Û 3 Valley of Shenandoah He must free his family and his land from the grip of intruders controlled by vampiric evil It’s time to grow up It’s time to fight for what is right It’s time to wield the Dragon Hammer. A very good start to a new series The characters are complex and grounded The conflict is significant and the start of a much larger affair The world itself feels large and very diverse

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