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Jacqueline Woodson ã 4 Free read Lena AUTHOR Jacueline Woodson Download ↠ 104 Dion search for their mother's relatives unable to afford to make even one mistake. My least favorite book so far Lena is a simple story and perhaps in my uest to finish thirty books in six weeks I picked one of Woodson s less reputable books Lena is about a young girl who takes her sister and trecks across the country to get away from an abusive father but doesn t really make it all that far The writing was fine but not enchanting The story was lackluster and intended for extremely juvenile concepts The struggle of the protagonists was easily resolved and not relatable Overall it might be a good book for young readers who come from abusive homes but I really didn t feel like Woodson confronted the issue of abuse just side stepped around it with a short and fruitless journey Woodson writes dialects well but ultimately that did not redeem the entire story for me

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Jacqueline Woodson ã 4 Free read Lena AUTHOR Jacueline Woodson Download ↠ 104 At the end of I Hadn't Meant to Tell You This Marie's friend Lena and her little s. GenreCategory Jacueline WoodsonThis book follows the story of Lena and her sister as they run away from their sexual abusive father to find their mother s family halfway across the country As they travel they meet all kinds of people and begin realizing that those who loved them the most were the ones they left behind I enjoyed the plot of this novel It was a uick read although it did drag in a few places for me and left me with a lot of hope Woodson seems to look at the good in people in this novel including the truck drivers police officers waitresses etc that helped the two young girls on their journey Because of the ages of the two main characters this novels seems like a middle grade novel but really reads like a YA novel The issues involved and the coming to age storyline make it for suitable for teens For teens who are especially going through a hard time or who are dealing with problems at home this books may give them hope because they can relate to Lena and see the positive outcome of her journey

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Jacqueline Woodson ã 4 Free read Lena AUTHOR Jacueline Woodson Download ↠ 104 Ister Dion ran away to escape their abusive father Now disguised as boys Lena and. Multicultural books are about different places around the world or people with different cultures than the reader It can be in any form from a graphic novel to realistic fiction My multicultural book was called Lena by Jacueline Woodson It was about two sisters who have an abusive father who doesn t really take care of them or worry about them One day the two sisters leave their home and begin on a journey to find a better life They were sad to leave their friends but knew it was the right thing to do In this book you will hear about their journey and where they end up living the rest of their lives Lena was not very long and it definitely holds your attentionI thought this book was very interesting to read because there were a lot of details and it made you feel for them The author seemed to understand what it was like because she really described their thoughts and emotions It was sad but very intriguing and thought provoking While reading this book you should expect to learn a lot about what it s like living on your own and having to be completely in charge at such a young age I thought this book was very well written and interesting because it explains a different kind of life than my own I will definitely read multicultural books because I thought it was very interesting to learn about other people s lives or cultures If you are interested in learning about other people s lives and thought provoking stories you would love the book Lena by by Jacueline Woodson

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