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The Future of Men Download Æ 104 Jack Myers Ø 4 Download review The Future of Men Once again Jack Myers has his fingers on the pulse of the very latest Myers has clearly done his homework and the result is this superb book Ken Burns documentary filmmaker of The Roosevelts and The Civil War After being told all their lives to be a man and man up men are now rejecting the macho stereotype and instead developing empathy getting in touch with their emotions and b. The premise of The Future of Men is that women are gaining power in business politics LIFE so men need to adjust accordingly Myers argues that women are better educated collaborative and socially intelligent than men generally speaking their skill sets are better suited for post industrial society and so they are moving on up in the ranks He argues that men must change their ways maybe even become like women so that they can thrive in a world where women dominate And he suggests men do several things to adapt to this new paradigm They can learn to multitask get organized admit mistakes and tell the truth learn to ask for help pay attention to details show concern for other people use words to communicate and think about the feelings of othersI suppose I agree with Myers in theory Yes I can see that women are educating themselves and working their way up in their careers More women are in positions of power Women may still not make as much money as men but they have a presence in the work force like never before And that changes thingsUnfortunately though Myers makes some pretty crazy arguments about who men currently are In his opinion most men today no matter how enlightened they may believe they are continue to exhibit and foster the same behavior as men have throughout the ages What types of behaviors are those you ask Oh well you know just the usual says Myers Most men today enjoy sexist jokes and they flirt with young attractive women They don t listen or respond to their female bosses They cheatlike all the time Oh and they have a destructive and EMBEDDED instinct to lie contradict and obfuscate the truth Emphasis mine How can he possibly make a claim like that ALL men are liars and cheaters It s ludicrous It s reductionistic and insulting honestly to the men who have actually made the effort to be caring empathetic and family centeredIronically I think my favorite part of this book was the part NOT written by Myers At the very end there is a section called Stories from a Woman s Heart It s basically a small collection of essays written by various women sharing their perspectives on the evolving man This section is short but heartfelt Yowza Mary M you put it all out there girl Your essay is powerful I especially appreciate Chapter 30 written by Carol because that chapter FINALLY mentions a topic that I wish had been addressed in the rest of the book supporting men s families in the workplace I firmly believe that nothing is going to change if men aren t allowed to say take paid paternity leave or take paid time off to care for a sick family member Shoot women are barely granted that luxury I see family support in the workplace as THE major hurdle to jump if we really want healthy men and healthy familiesAt any rate this book was a pretty major disappointment I think Myers is on to something men s place in American society IS changing But unfortunately his explanation as to why and how really misses the markARC received through Vine See of my reviews at wwwBugBugBookscom

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The Future of Men Download Æ 104 Jack Myers Ø 4 Download review The Future of Men Ecoming sensitive in their relationships Women are gaining ground in business culture education relationships and politics as traditional male and female roles disappear The Future of Men Masculinity in the Twenty First Century prepares men and women for this shift in gender norms As the definition of a real man evolves understanding the future of men in business politics sports. This book started out as 5 stars and steadily deteriorated as I read alongFirst impressions upon reading the synopsis was that it was a book for men written by a man explaining how masculinity is going to be defined in the near future with women making unprecedented gains in euality and traditional ideas of masculinity being rejected Sounds interesting rightSecond impression was the title page where he states that humanity is shifting from male to female dominance So now I m thinking this is going to be a paranoid Meninist manifesto speaking to how women are taking over the world and how men need to fight lest they become extinct Then I started the book And it was neither of the above Initially I was surprised but impressed by how the author cast women in such a positive light especially after the flavor of that title page He discussed how women are shattering the glass ceiling in the workplace and politics how women are dominating in the academic world and how women are experiencing sexual freedom and satisfaction unlike ever before He also addresses less positive issues such as the current wage gap and other gender based issues that need to be changed The feminist in me was rejoicing But then that roller coaster started it s downhill descent into absolute madness An entire section was devoted to the idea that genetically men are becoming extinct Male DNA is destroying itself and female DNA was getting stronger by the minute And no this was not a metaphor He continued on through the chapters putting women on a pedestal and ripping men to shreds Again initially I found this entertaining What woman wouldn t get a few laughs out of an entire chapter devoted to how men lie It read like a caricature except Myers was completely serious about it all That s when I started to really examine the foundations of his arguments Each and every male trait that he used to illustrate why men as a species are circling the drain was based in stereotypes And yes stereotypes exist for a reason but I feel that his selection of the worst attributes was unfair and even purposefully destructive I realized that if I was reading a book that treated women this way I would be livid Also I don t feel like men need to be torn down in order to make women look better First of all it is childish second women have enough strength and success to hold their own without having to sabotage their competitionI chose to give it three stars as some of the book was not without its merits But it would have been a much enjoyable read and the arguments would have been much stronger if it hadn t been for the needless annihilation of all things male I m not sure I would recommend this book widely I feel that in the hands of a critical reader it could be interesting But in the hands of a reader who takes everything at face value or an unreasonable feminist looking for any ammunition to use against men it could be very damaging

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The Future of Men Download Æ 104 Jack Myers Ø 4 Download review The Future of Men Education relationships and parenting will be essential for men to maintain psychological well being strengthen their self esteem and sexual self confidence and rewire their emotional lives The Future of Men provides tools to help men and especially younger men recognize and embrace new behaviors that are reuired for health and happiness at work at home and in their relationshi. I pre ordered a copy through Inkshares I hate giving poor reviews but I was very disappointed I thought it was very bias overall I uestion the authenticity any book that uses statistics from HuffPo and CNN I felt it was just another book that propagates the girls rule boys drool mentality Sadly I ve worked in 4 different career fields over the past 17 years and I ve always found that the majority of women in the workplace to be malicious lazy caddy drama ueens If this is the future of women in the workplace then I fear for our society

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