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Summary Manual de zoología fantástica 108 Nkpot and other undeniably curious bests Borges' cunning and humorous commentary is sheer delight'He is one of the giants of the twentieth century literature Borges explains at the beginning that the book is not intended to be read through but opened at random and skimmed Well I read it through and I don t regret it But that s because I m interested by very unusual things Borges has here compiled from what is essentially a set of utterly trivial facts something with meaning His selection is bizarre pretty and humorous and he describes each beast with great variation in tone The reason for each voice only becomes clear after several beasts are examined The optimal reading circumstances appear to be a small group of people intimately familiar with the work of Borges reading aloud to each other and chuckling knowingly at each other But it s still awesome You should keep it on a shelf nearby and open it when wondering what doesn t exist

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Summary Manual de zoología fantástica 108 Few readers will want or be able to resist this modern bestiary Here you will find the familiar Gryphons Minotaurs and Unicorns as well as the Monkey of the I A fascinating compendium of incredible beasts from world mythology folklore and fiction The entries are generally from one to three pages in length There are illustrations too by one Peter S s stylish intaglio etchings The format is that of an encyclopedia with the entries in alphabetical order My favorite entries include the Banshees The Celestial Cock The Chinese Dragon The Western Dragon The Hydra Lilith The Golem The Unicorn The Chinese Unicorn etc etc This is a wonderful testment to the extraordinary breadth of Borges s reading for which he was famous as well his exuisite use of that hoary utility the research library You may recall that Borges was rewarded by the subseuent Aramburu r gime with the directorship of the National Library in Buenos Aires for his public stance against Peron I think his named collaborator here Margarita Guerrero was a researcher at that institution Borges pores through the entire history of the written word from

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Summary Manual de zoología fantástica 108 Who has vastly enriched the textures and vocabulary of our fantasies and speculation Only Borges could dream the world with such intellectual rigour' Ian McEw I really don t know how JLB makes such exciting topic sound so boring Let s take Scylla as an example She is one of the weirdest monsters a girl with the heads of six barking dogs coming from her waist The story behind her transformation from Ovid s Metamorphoses is eually twisted a guy named Glaucus falls in love with Scylla lovely girl at this point she scorns him Desperate he seeks help from Circe the sorceress He is probably hoping for some love potion to change Scylla s mind To his surprise Circe falls for him and puts down Scylla And even though Glaucus says no Circe goes ahead and poisons the water Scylla likes to bathe in She only sank her body halfway when the dog heads grew out of her loins Wild Ovid s story stimulates emotions and marvels us JLB makes this story as well as 100 others unbearably boring just piles of exotic knowledge If you are interested in these fantastic creatures read Homer Ovid and various world mythologies You ll en

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