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African Nights

Free download ô African Nights Ss rare animals and extraordinary people In this wonderful and haunting collection of stories Kuki Gallmann writes of her life in Africa where every day brings challenge and adventure African Nights i. I ve been reading this book for years first as a reluctant partner in my night time sleep ritual later as a periodic reminder of many of the true wonders and joys of living in Kenya and to a lesser extent perhaps in other areas of Africa and finally as a friend and companion one of the little pleasures one of the measures of peace I find in coming back home at the end of the week Kuki Gallmann s stories will not take you to a Kenya that is ripe with corruption brutality and shocking urban poverty Kuki Gallmann doesn t live there probably doesn t have to inhabit that part of life so real to millions of Kenyan s Or to be fair to her she doesn t write about these pervasive aspects of surviving in today s Kenya In African Nights the closest brush she has with present day Kenya is the singular brutal lif

Summary African Nights

Free download ô African Nights Lyrical beautifully written tales of life in Africa Africa evokes a deep sense of mystery It is a place that retains what most of the world has lost space roots traditions awesome beauty true wilderne. I have never been to Africa I have never felt a desert breeze in my hair or fallen asleep to the shuffling of elephants or the breathing of camels But now having read African Nights I feel like I haveKuki s love of Kenya its people animals and customs shines through each tale like a blistering sunset Her stories are of Africa s bounty the vistas she has climbed flown boated and rode to view and the vast diversity of its wildlife For the most part though she celebrates Africa s people and their gracious interactions with her family Her gift for detail makes each herdsman and trader each man of all work and friend as fleshed out and observable as the neighbors on my streetShe s an eclectic one to be sure I was constantly amazed by what she was brave enough to do and the pets she allowed in her home she

Read ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Å Kuki Gallmann

Free download ô African Nights S a treasury of memories in which fascinating people and places are brought to life The healing powers Africa can have on those who embrace the land as a place of mystery superstition danger and beaut. Also containing Night Of the Lions Touted as True Stories these are tales of the author s residence in Kenya adventures with wildlife tributes to lost and loyal friends reminisces on her deceased son and husband and poetic meditations on the beauty of the landscape It s mostly informative though Gallmann does stray from the advertised subject a bit with a tale of her childhood in Italy trips back as an adult or talks with an Eastern Indian mystic in Utah And some stories seem a bit less possibly than true see the preternaturally empathetic elephants of Elephant Ballad And yet when Gallmann is on the subject of Africa and has a story to tell it can be truly mesmerizing the conflict of old and new Africa in A Dance Of Spiders for example And certainly you have to respect Gallmann

  • Paperback
  • 336
  • African Nights
  • Kuki Gallmann
  • English
  • 07 July 2019
  • 9780060954833