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Free download Devoured Devoured characters Á 104 A provocative look at how and what Americans eat and why a flavorful blend of The Omnivore’s Dilemma Salt Sugar Fat and Freakonomics that reveals how the way we live shapes the way we eatFood writer and Culinary Institute of America director Sophie Egan takes readers on an eye opening journey through the American food psyche examining the connections between the values that define our national character work freedom and progress and our eating habits the good and the bad Egan explores why these values make for such an unstable and often unhealthy food culture and. 35 stars I don t like the subtitle How What We Eat Defines Who We Are nor do I think it s entirely fitting or descriptive of what the book is actually about In short Egan s book is very much like a Mary Roach book focusing on American food culture I had the thought while reading that if Michael Pollan and Mary Roach were smashed together into a book baby you d get Devoured It s definitely an enjoyable read for anyone interested in American food culture

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Free download Devoured Devoured characters Á 104 Rge of Starbucks Chipotle and other chains individualizing the eating experience; from high culture artisan and organic and what exactly “natural” means to low culture the sale of 100 million Taco Bell Doritos Locos Tacos in ten weeks She also looks at how America’s cuisine like the nation itself has been shaped by diverse influences from across the globe Forked weaves together insights from the fields of psychology anthropology food science and behavior economics as well as myriad examples from daily life to create a powerful and uniue look at food in America. Fascinating It s no secret I find the subject of food interesting but this comprehensive exploration of American food culture exceeded my expectations To use a terrible horrible no good very bad pun I devoured it Author Sophie Egan discusses in depth how and why we eat the way we do here in the twenty first century United States of America From the sad desk lunch to family dinners to our reliance on convenience foods our habits are NOT in line with those of our ancestors She also tackles how wine gained popularity much of the credit goes to none other than Joe Coulombe aka Trader Joe and his famous or infamous Two Buck Chuck false shortages in the days prior to the iconic American Super Bowl holiday anyone remember the cries of lack of chicken wings or avocados and the popularity of absence foods that is those lacking fat carbs sodium etc And pleasing to my proud Italian roots are you reading this Dad why Italian American food has had such a significant impact on our society and why it has been so eagerly embraced by the majority of those with working taste buds pasta pizza cheese bread duh I was so throughly impressed with the research uality of writing and down to earth humor I was able to overlook her status as a millennial and simply savor this engaging read

Summary ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Sophie Egan

Free download Devoured Devoured characters Á 104 Paradoxically why they also make America’s cuisine so greatEgan raises a host of intriguing uestions Why does McDonald’s have 107 items on its menu Why are breakfast sandwiches protein bars and gluten free anything so popular Will bland soul less meal replacements like Soylent revolutionize our definition of a meal The search for answers takes her across the culinary landscape from the prioritization of convenience over health to the unintended conseuences of “perks” like free meals for employees; the American obsession with “having it our way” to the su. Sophie Egan s Devoured How What We Eat Defines Who We Are probes the s of American food culture to find out what unites and divides us Egan argues that food mirrors the American mindset reflecting our common habits tendencies and livelihoods There are several themes she seems to develop throughout the book including the impact of the overbearing work culture on our food choices how individualism and the need for self expression colors our eating choices and how social functions like the Super Bowl and holidays drive food sales Each chapter explores a different chunk of American food culture from our growing dependence on cheese and spaghetti to the democratization of wine through the production of cheaper brand names and food entrepreneurism and innovation at fast casual establishments like the Doritos Locos Taco at Taco Bell There is a bit of disjointedness to the book as Egan has a difficult time connecting the chapters to validate her thesis In fact there doesn t seem to be a thesis outside of we are defined by the food we eat Perhaps this book could have been strengthened if the subtitle had been flipped from how what we eat defines who we are to who we are defines what and how we eat The causation is flipped to the apt expression of how our overlapping traits as Americans determines what we pick off the shelves and what we order at our restaurants From there she could have weaved the narrative of how American culture imbues in its citizens a spirit of individualism and curiosity and how that for example contributes to our demand for convenience and portable snacks in lieu of breakfast the proliferation of foreign foods and restaurants in American towns and cities and the popularity of cheffing or adding items not stated on the menu to your order Not only would the thesis have been clearer but the narrative would have been tighter and the chapters relatedEgan s writing style is piss poor It goes from stable prose to chatty digressions marked by unhandy and cheesy attempts at humor and wit The tone is mostly chatty and casual perhaps too much This could have been a interesting read had the subject been given a tad bit gravitas Combined with an incoherent thesis and disjointed elaborations of different facets of American cuisine and food culture Egan s unwieldy writing pattern yields a book that is remarkably unexceptional and short of its potential

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