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The Maddest Idea Read & Download à 104 The second book in the enthralling Revolution at Sea seriesIn the late summer of 1775 General George Washington discovers that his cache of gunpowder has dwindled to a mere nine shots per man A desperate plan is hatched to send a ship under the command of Captain Isaac Biddlecomb to Bermuda to capture the British powder known to. Several months have passed since Lexington and Concord and the Battle of Bunker Hill Now George Washington s new ragtag colonial army is besieging the British in Boston There s just one problem the army only has enough black powder for 9 cartridges per soldier Hardly enough for a skirmish leave alone a battle And if a cannon duel should flare up between the two sides well the colonials precious power would be uickly depleted and army would be defenseless So much for the nascent revolution defeated before it could startEnter Isaac Biddlecomb captain of the armed brig Charlemagne and a man haunted by seeing so many of his shipmates killed in a ship to ship battle before the book opens When George Washington learns that the British have a cache of black powder in Bermuda he sends a reluctant Biddlecomb to steal the powder and bring it back to Cambridge Although he agrees to the mission Biddlecomb has mixed feelings because there s a price on his head for leading a mutiny onboard a British ship see Book 1 Force of Arms and if Biddlecomb is captured he ll be hanged But no one in Bermuda will recognize him right Wrong The mission is actually a trap to capture Biddlecomb set by the British and one of the five patriots who know about the missionMeanwhile back in Cambridge Washington learns about the trap and sends his aide Major Edward Fitzgerald of Virginia to find and kill the traitor Fitzgerald has his own problem he s a high ranking officer but has never been tested in battle and considers himself a sham He also discovers that ferreting out the traitor is difficult than he imagined And he falls in love with Virginia Stanton the woman Biddlecomb loves but is too shy to tell her of his loveOf course Biddlecomb escapes and returns to Boston in a series of hair raising adventures up until almost the last page that would be unbelievable if handled by a less skilled author than Nelson The book isn t all action though because Virginia and Fitzgerald have to work out their relationship The Biddlecomb Viriginia Fitzgerald problem is only a very small part of the story and I wouldn t really call it a love triangle which I m really tired of It is an important part of the story thoughI m a great fan of C S Forrester s Horatio Hornblower series I ve read it three times and wasn t sure how good Nelson s series would be When I saw this book in a used bookstore I decided to give it a try After a slow start I found myself engrossed in the story At first though I had trouble I do know some nautical terminology but Nelson flings the terms like hail in a hail storm futtock shrouds scantlings gantline clewline Nelson used to be a professional suare rig sailor so those terms come easily to him He does include a glossary in the back of the book and I found myself looking up term after term which interrupted the reading Then I had an idea stop looking up the terms and just go with the flow I did and just sailed along and enjoyed the adventureI usually don t jump into a series without reading the previous books Fortunately Nelson provided just enough details from Force of Arms for me to get oriented to how that story affected this one And even though I now know how that book ends I m going to read itJust a side note Nelson lives in Maine as do I In June my wife and I learned Nelson was performing at the Colonial Pemauid State Historic Site in Pemauid Maine as the pirate Dixy Bull We both love 18th century history and went to see both the site and Nelson Nelson gave a fun performance in full pirate regalia that appealed to both adults and kids If you re in Maine and have a chance to see him I highly recommend it

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The Maddest Idea Read & Download à 104 Feblood of the fight for liberty Divided by an ocean but bound by the cause as well as by their own private fears Biddlecomb and Fitzgerald must take on a common enemy the greatest military power on earth A powerful saga of the American Revolution a stirring maritime adventure in the epic true to life tradition of Patrick O'Bria. Great historical fiction about navy warfare during the Revolutionary War

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The Maddest Idea Read & Download à 104 Be thereBut the plan is a trap set by a traitor among the patriots and one from which even Biddlecomb cannot escape Washington despatches his aide de camp Major Edward Fitzgerald to hunt the traitor down while Biddlecomb must rely on cunning and seamanship to free his men and the ship and to capture the gunpowder that is the li. The sixth book read of this author An exciting page turner The Biddlecomb character is like a Dirk Pitt of the 18th century