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DOWNLOAD õ Black Rabbit Summer Rl goes missing The prime suspect in her disappearance One of their own one of the old gang Pete doesn't know what to believe Could one of his childhood friends really be a cold blooded kill This book is a coming of age crime thriller for teenagers I m not a teenager and I m not really a fan of thrillers This book isn t for me And yet I thought it was awesomeThe plot centres around of group of friends in their mid teens As with any decent thriller there s sex booze drugs and missing people I ve often said that moral ambiguity is the key to any good story and you ll find that in abundance hereThis book might be marketed to teenagers but the uality of the writing is very high better than most thrillers I ve read that are aimed at adults It cleverly interweaves a genuinely thrilling mystery with neat social commentary and acutely observed humour centred around the teenager parent relationship The plot is of it s time it s only four years old and many of the references are already dated but the themes are timeless rich versus poor stereotypes versus reality childhood versus adulthoodThere s a brilliant thread of hallucinations and psychiatric disturbance that runs through this novel and there are key plot points to explain it I mention this only because it demonstrates that this book deals with complex concepts and uses really uite advanced literary techniues to make its points It might be for teenagers but there s no sense here of writing down to them And it doesn t pull punchesOne of the most remarkable aspects of Black Rabbit Summer is the extraordinary and memorable ending Of all the novels I ve read lately this has the strongest ending And again it s not an ending you might expect from a book aimed at teensI didn t particularly relish reading this but it completely surpassed my expectations It is a teen novel but that just means it s easy to read It s a narratively tight well written gripping novel I d recommend it to anyone

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DOWNLOAD õ Black Rabbit Summer Thoughtful Pete tough Pauly twins Eric and Nicole strange Raymond As kids they were tight; now they've grown up and apart They agree to get together one last time but twisted by personal his I recently remembered I read this book but forgot what it was about and such So I decided to venture into the reviews which were all following some sort of status uo vote two stars rave about Raymond call the rest of the book total shit etc However I will have to go against this because as soon as I remembered the plot I was hit with a wave of nostalgia and instantly said I really liked this book I loved Pete as a character maybe even than I liked Raymond The book was realistic as shown by the comments before mine a lot of people complained that SPOILER Raymond was never found Unfortunately when teens are reported as missing they don t just come back The author obviously describes that Raymond s a bit of a nut so that should be a pretty good reason as to why he s gone Brooks gave his characters an eerie sort of freedom Raymond is a mystery and the essence of him lingers on after you turn the final page For those who loved Raymond and hoped to see him return or something you were filled with anticipation and anxiety much like a worried parent You hoped to find some sort of news but it never really came Everything felt like a hint but the hints never went anywhere In my eyes Raymond is represented as the kid who s always there for you but is also neglected and therefore never appreciated until he is gone For anyone looking to read this book you really should Ignore the 2 star ratings Kevin Brooks is brilliant and the novel is both haunting and sexy wrapped in an enigma It really wouldn t hurt to give it a read

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DOWNLOAD õ Black Rabbit Summer Tories and fueled by pharmaceuticals old jealousies surface The party's soon over and the group splinters off into the night Into the noise and heat and chaos of the carnival Days later a gi Title Black Rabbit SummerAuthor Keven BrooksPublisher Chicken House ScholasticDate Published 2008Genre Young AdultMain Themes Missing persons Friendship Growing up Drugs and AlcoholPages 488Plot from book jacketAs kids they were tight Now they ve grown up and apart Before going their separate ways for good they decide to get together one last timeJust like old timesJust the five of themSaturday nightNicole asked How could Pete say noBut the past hurts personal histories soon surface and the party s over The group splinters off into the darkness Into the noise and heat and chaos of the summer carnivalDays later a girl goes missing And each of them is a suspect in her disappearance Pete doesn t know what to believe Could one of their own one of the old gang be a killerI want to start out by mentioning that I usually don t read books narrated by guys I don t really know why but usually I just don t feel as connected to the novel That said Black Rabbit Summer might be one of my favorite books It was absolutely stunning There was just something so ridiculously deep about it It might have been the narrator or Brooks himself but this book simply shines It wasn t what I expected really it was much than the jacket description lets on I related to the characters in this book so well I could see each and every character as someone from my life someone I went to school with The plot involves a bit of a mystery and I honestly had no clue how it would be resovled There were clues at first but I had no clue how it would all end up fitting together Here is a uote that I read then went back and reread because I loved it so much Page 404As I stepped over to the den and crept through the door I wondered if that s what it was all about Friends People you know People you used to know People you think you once knew but you probably never did You probably knew just part of them the part of them that was your friend And the rest the parts of them that you didn t know the twisted parts the untrue parts the parts you are seeing now well back then you just ignored them But now you can t Because now you can see it all and now you know that back then wasn t all wonderful and innocent It was just a time and a place just like every other time and place The only difference now is that the things the people that belonged to the old time and place aren t here any and things that aren t here any don t hurt any The only things that hurt are the things that hurt right nowRatings out of 10Plot 10Characters 10Writing style 10Romance 10Originality 10Total 5050 AI loved this book READ IT I will definitely be looking into Kevin Brooks previous books Lucas Candy Being The Road of the Dead and I ve heard that Lucas is really amazing as well

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