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Never Another

review Never Another 103 To her benefactors son who runs the ranch Sparks fly and love is in the air until a woman from his past resurfaces and sends her life spinnin So bad So so bad

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review Never Another 103 Will be his After a particularly bad beating she finds refuge on a ranch where she doesn't know a soul but soon finds an intense attraction Not Sure What Book Others Read ButClothesNot cloths A body is SORE not soar Youryou re are NOT interchangeable I tried to ignore the copious spelling and grammatical errors but just couldn t And then a DOCTOR isn t sure if the positive pregnancy test was from sex last night or a month go Yeah that was the DNF point for me I skimmed the rest and it didn t get better H is not worth anything and h is 100% too stupid to live Don t waste your time

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review Never Another 103 Santana is alone save from her stepfather who has designs on her virtue and through intimidation and abuse he never let's her forget that she super angsty and uite long It was like harleuin w Over the Top evil OW It had a lot of common tropes ie evil OW pregnancy miscarriagethe usualdefinitely satisfied my angst craving for the weekstill hate the H though not enough groveling