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  • 11 February 2018
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Kerstin Gier ✓ 4 Read & Download

Read Smaragdgrün Kerstin Gier ✓ 4 Read & Download Summary É PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Kerstin Gier Hva gjør man når man får knust hjertet sitt Riktig man ringer til bestevenninnen spiser sjokolade og velter seg i ulykken i ukevis Bare dumt at Gwendolyn som er tidsreisende mot sin vilje trenger energ. SpoilersWhat s what Time travel vague prophecies silly heroine douchey hero evul Count with nefarious plans oh noes can silly heroinedouchey hero stop evul Count Gwen was a mopey cow all she did was whine about Gideon jump to conclusions about him and get jealous whenever he was around other girls She should have been concentrating on her time travel or on finding a way to stop that evul Count guy instead of acting all melodramatic about a guy she d only met a couple of weeks ago Gwen s love for Gideon was so pathetic he treated her like utter rubbish but she was still desperate for him Any awful thing he did was forgiven and forgotten because he was just that sexy ugh She was so immature needy and silly I rolled my eyes at the amount of times Gwen cried or nearly cried whenever she saw or thought of Gideon I was sick of how much she obsessed over him most of her thoughts revolved around him and how attractive he was It was sickening She seemed like an idiotic 13 year old instead of a 16 year old I hated Gideon he had no personality apart from being arrogant He fucked over Gwen and acted like a dick towards her every time he saw her he was horrible I hated how he twisted everything around to make himself look like the misunderstood good guy and Gwen the bad guy Was I actually meant to believe he had strong feelings Gwen It would have helped if he 1 Treated her with some respect 2 Didn t act hot and cold with her all the time and 3 Didn t flirt and spend all his time with Charlotte and Lavinia he seemed far into them than Gwen Yea I didn t buy the romance and love between Gwen and Gideon at all they d only known each other for 2 weeks and they d done nothing but argue lie and hate each other in those 2 weeks How could they have possibly fallen in love I was interested in the potential romance between Gwen s mum and Falk Did they get together or what I didn t like Gwen s attitude towards other female characters who were around her age Apart from Lesley she didn t like any of them and was constantly calling them names and looking down on them Ugh So Gwen s butler Bernard was actually her secret nephew Did Bernard know he was related to Gwen Why was Bernard a butler when LucyPaul ensured their kidsgrandkids would have loads of money I liked Gwen s relationship with her immediate family also her friendship with Lesley was really sweet Gwen s cousin Charlotte was the typical mean girl that hated the heroineGwen because she wanted the heroGideon all to herself You d think Charlotte would have a better relationship with Gwen since she d grown up with her if not that then you d expect Charlotte to at least have some loyalty towards her But no Charlotte had zero loyalty or love towards the cousin she grew up with It was so unrealistic that Charlotte wanted to get Gwen in serious trouble they were family and even if they didn t get along Charlotte would have realistically looked out for Gwen Ugh I m so sick of all the over the top mean girls in YA Why would Gwen want to date Gideon when she didn t even know the details of his relationship with her cousin Did they date Did Gideon have strong feelings for Charlotte Did they have sex How serious were they Why didn t Gwen ask him exactly what sort of relationship he had with Charlotte That would be one of the first things anyone would ask if they started to date someone that had previously been in some sort of a relationship with their close relative The time travel the chronographs and prophecies were all rather confusing I didn t know what was going on most of the time Every time GwenGideon or anyone else did somethinghad to do something in the past it had already happened before they d actually gone back in time and done that thing So by that logic if Gwen went back and saved James the school ghost from dying then he shouldn t have even been a ghost in the first place Yea it didn t make any sense Gwen s reunion with Lucy and Paul after she found out they were her parents was underwhelming Where was the drama The angst The emotion Lesley s little romance with Raphael was miles better than GwenGideon s romance I found the Count s master plan really cheesy everything he did was just so he could be immortal Yea I wanted something originalAll in all I was mildly entertained by some of the characters and certain aspects of the story But for the most part I was frustrated with the weepy heroine the cheesy hero the silly romance the cliched bad guy and the non stop time travel

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Read Smaragdgrün Kerstin Gier ✓ 4 Read & Download Summary É PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Kerstin Gier Sporet av hemmeligheten må Gwen – om hun har aldri så mye kjærlighetssorg ikke bare danse menuett sammen med Gideon på et storslått ball på 1700 tallet men også kaste seg hodekulls ut i eventyret. 455 I love this series so much

Summary É PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Kerstin Gier

Read Smaragdgrün Kerstin Gier ✓ 4 Read & Download Summary É PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Kerstin Gier Ien sin til helt andre ting Til å overleve for eksempel For trådene som den tvilsomme greven av Saint Germain har spunnet i fortiden drar seg også i nåtiden sammen til et farlig nett For å komme på. This is the story of how a potentially good premise and a relatively good and entertaining first book turned into a disappointing seuel and a friggin mess at the endSeriously I m utterly surprised at how uickly it all went downhill since the moment those two kids kissed at the end of first book From that on it was all about Gwendolyn s raging hormones and how she just lost her senses around plain and bland Gideon those descriptions making him seem like a greek god don t live up to how actually he delivered and even in the most important moment she could only think of making out with him that was really annoying Then the time travels were even confusing than ever that insistence that they had to elapse at a certain time to meet with the count with no explanation wasn t really well founded given that they always asked how did that matter if they could elapse any other time at that same exact date they were supposed to but never got a REAL AND COHERENT answerBut the thing that mostly upset me about this book was how anticlimatic it turned out to be All of the most important revelations even though we already know since the first book what s the real deal about Paul and Lucyare not even shown They just happened off paper like Gwendolyn facing Paul and Lucy about they being their parents or what happens once the count drugs her to finally gain his immortality how in the hell did the count get the philosophal dust wasn t he supposed to wait for Gideon in the past He should have see then what had he done with Gwendolyn andoh nevermind I don t even care anyIt s like the author decided to flinch at the thought of elaborate those scenes and prefered to cast them aside to give it screen time to grandilocuent scenes likethat green party scene where nothing important happened just to show Charlotte make an embarrassment of herself And the stuff with James the ghost notsoghostany was also irrelevant it brought nothing to the plot And the abrupt ending with the reveal of the grand villain also lacked of thrill and emotion it was too rush and the addition of that ghost at the end was pointless it felt like a punchline for Xemerius saying all the time about how he could eat ghostsThe whole thing was emotionless actually didn t feel anything about the characters getting hurt or even fear for them one could see miles away that Gideon was gonna end eating that immortality dust and being Gwendolyn immortal companion for eternity even if the prophecy clearly said that immortality from that dust was going to be canceled since the birth of Gwendolyn but hey rules are made to be broken right Even if you are the author who wrote that gibberish in the first placeGOSH I m so disappointed of this trilogy and I took it personal especially because I was really invested in the plot in the first book not so much for the second one but still I had hope and finally seeing how it all ended made me feel like I was let down by the author with the level of writing going down with every book I can t blame anyone but the author herself