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My Biggest Mistake Free download ✓ 104 Too right down to the vanI should have done things differently I know that now I should have told someone should have told him about the bottomless depression I fell into post partum Instead I convinced myself I just needed a little time away a small break to get my head straight I made my biggest mistake when I gave into my demon. This was one of the hardest book I have ever read First time I don t know how to rate what I ve read Deeply emotional but also damned frustrating I loved the hero Donnie he was the shining star in this story but absolutely hated heroine Eddie and didn t have an ounce sympathy toward their friend Beth Have to think hard before I write my review Full review to come

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My Biggest Mistake Free download ✓ 104 S and walked away from everything I’d ever wantedIt took me two long years to recover but now I know exactly what I want again I want my family back Donovan says they don’t want me Don’t need me He says he’s moved on But the look in his eyes tells me there’s a chance even if I have to fightAnd I’m not going to lose aga. 45 Rip your heart out Angsty Stars There s books out there that just from reading the book blurb you re pretty sure the book is going to elicit some big emotions This is the kind of book you venture into not looking for the happy hearts and flowers romance with the warm tug in your heartstrings It s instead the kind of book that tugs at your heart in the emotionally painful angsty kind of way This is what My Biggest Mistake was for meEdie and Donovan had been married for six years very young parents to three small children him working insane hours while she held the house together until she walked away Edie abandoned her family and completely disappeared off the grid for two long years The book takes place mainly from the day she decides to return and attempt win her family back But can she win them back The kids that were so young when she left don t even recognize her the husband that harbors so much hate for what she put him through he can t even look at her her best friend that appears to have jumped right into the role as mother and wife in her absence Can she win it all back Will any of her loved ones want anything to do with her Angst alert Holy Moses this book read so much like a memoir to me I m actually uite surprised it s not It highlights post partum depression a subject with a fair amount of controversy due to ignorance in the subject than anything How can someone who has it all want to walk away from it all Can t she just ask for help PPD has a fair amount of misinformation and I commend the author for highlighting this and also pushing our limits in this story I have to say there s things Edie did that I seriously have issues with But who am I to judge a person who is at their absolute wits end Is walking away better than hurting herself or her children I d say so She s simply a person that s a shell of her previous self So for that reason I can t fault Edie or the author for the actions during that time I do know that her husband Donnie is by far perfection for a woman suffering PPD other than not noticing it at the time I truly don t think many men could pull in together in her absence AND later find the strength to attempt forgiveness upon her return view spoiler I DO feel however that he was fairly uick to welcome her back into the family unit at first less than a week after she shows is NOT realistic for a man to do that in my opinion I also felt that wasn t so smart for his sake OR the sake of the kids But again I m not here to judge hide spoiler

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My Biggest Mistake Free download ✓ 104 Sometimes our fondest dreams become our worst nightmaresI always knew exactly what I wanted out of life While my friends wished and wondered I planned A husband children even the perfect minivan my future was a family and I couldn’t wait to step into it Donovan proposed right after graduation and everything else fell into place. 5 MISTAKE Starsimage error