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  • Paperback
  • 192
  • To noč sem jo videl
  • Drago Jančar
  • English
  • 12 January 2017
  • 9781564789976

characters To noč sem jo videl

review To noč sem jo videl 107 F tumultuous events which they did not even fully comprehend they only wanted to live But “only” to live was an illusion it was a time when even under the seemingly safe and idyllic shelter of a manor house in Slovenia it was impossible to avoid the rushing train of violen. Upon finishing the book I got an enormous underwhelming feeling I was hoping for something much interesting or epic or anything really but the end was so Underwhelming That really is the word But maybe the power of the book resides in this particular fact you don t need something grand to make a point I don t know I might have to re read it to really shape my opinion of it

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review To noč sem jo videl 107 I Saw Her That Night a love story in time of war is a novel about a few years in the life and mysterious disappearance of Veronika Zarnik a young bourgeois woman from Ljubljana sucked into the whirlwind of a turbulent period in history We follow her story from the perspective. Five characters recount their experiences with eccentric noblewoman Veronika around the time of her disappearance Opening with an account of an affair with her horse riding instructor Stevan an affair that in the time honoured tradition spells downfall the novel reveals events from shifting perspectives teasing out pivotal details from Veronika s mother a faithful servant Jo i a German doctor friend and the traitorous Jeranek until the unpleasant climax Less inventive in terms of structure than The Tree with No Name this novel is still an engaging and interesting addition to the formidable heap of war obsessed literature

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review To noč sem jo videl 107 Of five different characters who also talk about themselves as well as the troubled Slovenian times before and during World War II; times that swallowed like a Moloch not only the people of various beliefs involved in historical events but also those who lived on the fringes o. We live in a time when the only people living or dead accorded respect are those who were prepared to fight and even sacrifice themselves for shared ideals The victors and vanuished alike see it that way Nobody respects people who just wanted to live Who loved other people nature animals and the world and felt good about it That s not enough for our present time