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  • 13 June 2019
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DOWNLOAD Ê Annes Adversity The Cousins #2 A sweet romance inspired by Jane Austen’s Pride Prejudice Though part of a series this is a stand alone novel When Anne de Bourgh discovers a family secret in an old letter she is given two choices Burn the letter and forget about it or leave Rosings and face disinheritance How can a sickly lady past the bloom of youth with no p This was a delightful surprise since Anne de Bourgh is not such an interesting character Most of the time as in Pride and Prejudice she s just a character hanging in the background while Elizabeth and Darcy do their thing whatever the thing of that particular book happens to be When Anne de Bourgh s character is in the spotlight she s not really recognizable in most JAFF stories I ve read her as a secretly spunky intelligent gal or as the victim of her mother s poisoning or as a spoiled girl as imperious and narrow minded as her mother or as mentally unbalanced or some other alteration to make her interesting No this is one of the few that starts with Anne exactly as she has been presented by Jane Austen She s shy soft spoken and never challenges her mother But then she comes across a letter that sets her on a uest to see if it s possible that her father is alive In searching for her father she gradually discovers herself She and her faithful maid Nancy head to London without much money and without knowing where they ll stay Various characters help them out starting with her cousin Colonel Fitzwilliam then his friends Mr and Mrs Hepplewhite a painter Mr Carriera a theatre owner Luc Mauvier a clothing designer and seamstress Adelaide Mauvier and Miss Beatrice Maman to Luc and Adelaide I enjoyed the flow of the story and especially the exchanges between Lady Catherine and Miss Beatrice who is another formidable force Anne is shown to come out of her shell gradually and naturally She does have her mother s genetic DNA so once given the independence to think for herself it makes sense that there would be a lot to her than originally meets the eyeI do think that it all comes way too easily and there are far too many coincidences but it s a sweet novella and an enjoyable read

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DOWNLOAD Ê Annes Adversity The Cousins #2 Rospects and few friends hope to stand on her own two feet How can she learn about her family’s past without causing a scandal which would forever cast a shadow over the de Bourghs Luc Mauvier has led a life of freedom and success as a small theater owner in town His tragic past has taught him to enjoy life and its pleasures to Wonderful storyI think this is the best tale of Anne I have read I found inspiring the way she faced life outside of Rosings and the sheltered existence she had lead until then I also liked the original characters in this book mainly Luv and Nancy As usual a great adventure from Jennifer Joy s imagination

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DOWNLOAD Ê Annes Adversity The Cousins #2 The fullest When he meets Anne de Bourgh she is opposite to everything he has ever known and he is soon reminded of how a gentleman should behave with a real lady Can a tradesman win the heart of a lady Even important How can he win Lady Catherine’s approval What Anne reveals about her past gives her courage but will it be enoug This is an Austenesue story based on Pride and Prejudice but not really a PP variation or seuel It s part of a trilogy about three cousins Mr Darcy Colonel Fitzwilliam and Anne de Bourgh This is the second in this series and is by far the best story taking Anne de Bourgh straight from her refusal of Mr Darcy s offer of marriage into hot water with her mother Lady Catherine and from there into a whole new life Prior to Darcy s expected proposal Anne is presented by one of the maids at Rosings with a letter she found accidentally written by Anne s father to her mother months after he was supposed to have died Anne realizes her father may still be alive or at the very least her mother has lied to her all her life about the timing of his death which she had been told happened six months before Anne was born Anne refuses to comply with her mother s wishes that she accept Darcy and later that she hand over her father s letter and is cast out told to leave her home With no idea where to go or what to do with herself but unwilling to give in to her mother s demands Anne wonders what to do She has lived completely under her mother s power so that even at twenty seven years of age she knows nothing of the world and has few accomplishments Her trusted faithful lady s maid Nancy is determined to go with her and help her out Anne writes to her cousin Colonel Fitzwilliam who recommends at Darcy s prompting a place for her to stay Anne goes to stay with the Hepplewhite family in London temporarily While in London Anne meets Adelaide and Luc Mauvier a sister and brother who escaped from France as children during the revolution when their aristocratic father and mother were killed It is they who recognize Anne s surname and introduce her to the woman who brought them up in London who turns out to be Anne s aunt Miss Beatrice sister to Sir Lewis de Bourgh Miss Beatrice detests Lady Catherine and is at first suspicious of Anne as well thinking she has been raised to be just like her harridan of a mother Anne needs to earn her aunt s trust in order to learn about her father Meanwhile Anne must find a way to earn money and survive This is an intriguing and well paced story full of mystery romance and beautiful character arcs for a few characters but especially for Anne This book is the key as well to the entire trilogy and ties it all together nicely If you read only one of the three books read this one but I recommend reading all three in order to get the whole cousins story tied up in a neat bundle