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Kabbalah and Tarot Download Å 102 Andrea Green Ô 2 Summary Situation and how the Tarot can be read with a new layer of meaning by using simple kabbalistic keywords The book also reveals powerful ways of reading reversed cards using the Tree of Life and a Four Worlds method which in just four cards can unlock the significance of any life situatio. Good book to start learning about this connection very practical and conciseHighly recommended

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Kabbalah and Tarot

Kabbalah and Tarot Download Å 102 Andrea Green Ô 2 Summary In this new guide to Kabbalah and Tarot for beginners Andrea Green draws on three decades of experience and study to make these subjects accessible to everyone In this book you will discover why you might use Kabbalah and Tarot together not just for spiritual insight but also to receive. This book is designed to be a brief introduction to Kabbalah as it applies to Tarot and to give beginners a foundation that can be expanded upon with the upcoming Magician s Kabbalah by Marcus Katz The book fully lives up to its purpose and has given me many new ways to approach tarot study and tarot reading Even if one didn t plan to further study Kabbalah one can benefit from the reading of this book

Andrea Green Ô 2 Summary

Kabbalah and Tarot Download Å 102 Andrea Green Ô 2 Summary Practical advice from your cards In this book you will discover the Sephiroth of the Tree of Life easy keywords and tarot spreads to utilise the ancient mystical system of Kabbalah with a deck of tarot cards You will also easily learn to create your own kabbalistic tarot spreads for any. Great addition to skills of a tarot reader and magician I once read from an occult book forgot which one sorry that the tarot deck is like a Swiss knife for the magician And this book just doubled the set of tools in my tarot After finishing this book it is just like opening a totally new dimension for my deck And it s correlation to both subjects kabbalah and tarot is a no nonsense and I had so many aha moments I wonder why this book is less talked in occult circles I couldn t recommend this book to anyone who wants to take their tarot knowledge to another level

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